?? Can it affect your liver levels???

Posted by: brennyangel

?? Can it affect your liver levels??? - 05/23/03 02:26 PM

Hey everyone its me again! My boyfriend and i have been doing good... But he had some blood work done and his liver levels are a little high... An we were wondering if his ictyosis vulgarious could possibly be a factor in this... My boyfriend is a little over weight. But the doctor thinks he needs to go for a liver biopsy.. He doesnt want to and personally i dont want him to either... so if anyone knows anything about this pleave email me! Brennyangel112k2@yahoo.com thanks a bunch!
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Re: ?? Can it affect your liver levels??? - 05/24/03 05:40 AM

Hi Brenda,
I am Shelly.
I was wondering the same thing. I went in this winter and my last two liver tests came back abnormal, they tested me for hepatitis since I use to teach in a small village in the Arctic and may have been exposed. Then they did the ultra sound and didn't find anything there. They thought I have what's called fatty liver and were going to do a biopsy but I postponed it to see if I could do something on my own. I found a book called the "Fat flush plan" which focuses on a diet to help your liver. Three months later I was tested again and it was perfectly normal, and my blood sugar levels which were also high dropped dramatically. There is a website for it called www.fatflushplan.com or www.annlouisegittleman.com. I didn't want to do the biopsy either, not keen on big needles. Take care
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Re: ?? Can it affect your liver levels??? - 05/24/03 01:45 PM

I just wanted to ask if your boyfriend has ever taken any kind of retinoids, or used any retinoid based creams recently or in the past. You know all the acid based creams and lotions we use can and may be absorbing into our bloodstream through our skin, possibly causing our livers to work overtime to filter our blood. Both my cholesterol and liver levels were a little high when I was on accutane(keep in mind I was a skinny teenager back then) and my cholesterol has remained that way ever since. Nothing too serious, just "a little elevated". If this isn't the case, I would agree with Serena in saying to check or change his diet first. Does he drink alot, take medications that are hard on the liver, stuff like that. It's kinda weird that a doctor would want to do a liver biopsy without recommending diet and exercise first to see if that helps.
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Re: ?? Can it affect your liver levels??? - 05/26/03 04:47 PM

Thanks everyone who had posted on my question! Yes he has been on acid base lotions. He stopped using them around 6 months ago since one of them made his skin glow under a black light. The doctor suggested exercise back in November of last yr and he recently went back this week and he never lost any weight.. But the way him and I see it is it was winter not many people lose a lot of weight then especially in New York State. He thinks the doctor just wants more money which i do believe.He has been using Cetaphil soap does anyone know if theres anything in that that would effect ur liver levels??? Anyways I got to run thanks a bunch again!