Feelings about ourself's

Posted by: christine chomicki

Feelings about ourself's - 07/06/02 01:54 PM

Hi my name is Christine,and I am living here in North Bay,Ontario,Canada. Any way I have 2 boy's that have a skin disdorder called Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis Non Bullous Type. Congenital Ichthyosiform. I would like to know if their anyone as men that have the same effect on this condition. if so, I would like to understand how men or boy's go threw with this sort of rare skin disdorder. It would make me understand more on males that have this sort of condition. I to have this too as a mother,which I had past this down on my kid's. this came from my father side of his family. he was a carrier at the time. i was the one to show this on the outside,ofcourse. I alos have a natural cure on this that would make you feel a whole alot better of your self. And this is all natural produces,and it will not hurt you or you will see the good things that happens to you. You look more of a younger person and in good health to. So if anyone would like to know how I am dealing on this,thenI can share this with you when you reply back to me. and I know it will help you to,the same skin condition that i have. So take care,and have a good week. Christine Chomicki.

Posted by: christine chomicki

Re: Feelings about ourself's - 02/18/03 04:27 PM

Hi I am writing to all the men out their. What I want to say that I have written to a Article on our skin condtion,and that I have found a natural cure that will make yourself feel better about yourself. it will health your skin tissues on the body and it will help from the insides aswell. i have place this in a Article here in Canada,and they liked it,and gong to place this in Junes magazines. You can buy it in a health food stores near you. it is called a Alive. I also have it and my two sons have it aswell. They are using my natural stuff,and it is working great. I hope I can help you men out their. I know it feel s to have it. But what I can share with yoy it will make you feel good about yourself as a man living with it. I am a mother with 3 children that have it. So i know how you guys feel about it. My line is open to help you's out their. You will see alot of new differences on your skin with this natural stuff. Christine Chomicki,canada.

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Re: Feelings about ourself's - 11/10/03 11:59 PM

Hi Christine, iam from Quebec, canada.

What's your natural cure???
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Re: Feelings about ourself's - 12/01/03 11:07 PM

If i read christine's reply correctly , the cure is a produce called ALIVE. i personally have never heard of it. christine, if you read this reply, please tell the name of the company that manufactures the product and is it available outside of canada? thanks.
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Re: Feelings about ourself's - 12/02/03 06:45 AM

Actually, "Alive" is a free magazine available at health food stores here in Canada. I'm not sure if it's also in the U.S or other countries. I have not yet heard what this "natural cure" is.
Posted by: Promiseland_dup1

Re: Feelings about ourself's - 12/02/03 06:00 PM

Bennnn, Chluke2003, Ep2952,

The post you are responding to is a joke or a scam.
Posted by: Brigadier

Re: Feelings about ourself's - 07/04/12 09:36 AM

I personally know that this is a scam. Sad.
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Feelings about ourself's - 07/09/12 10:34 AM

Christine is not a scam. I am friends with her and have met her at several conferences. However, the original post is from 2002 and may be something she was trying 10 years ago. It may be a locally available product that never went anywhere.
Posted by: carloshoward45

Re: Feelings about ourself's - 08/04/12 04:37 AM

thanks for the info...