Cream reactions?

Posted by: Ian

Cream reactions? - 01/18/01 05:24 PM

Hi, My name is Ian Jones and I am a 24 year old male with ichthyosis. I have scaling on the legs, back, arms, face and scalp to varing degrees. It is worst during the winter time. Alpha hydroxy acids work great for my body (legs, arms, back, and also scalp). This is however a problem with my face where it tends to make my face a light red. I have tried different concentrations and pH levels but they all have the same effect. I must admit I have not tried every type of acid but someone told me they are all the same. I am wondering if this is how other people feel or if it is true. I would like to find a product that will remove the scaling on the face without turning my face red. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Ian
Posted by: Solomon Rumicha

Re: Cream reactions? - 01/18/01 06:33 PM


I have a 4 year old child which was born with Lamellar. Since he had a lot of scaling on his face I tried different lotions and Creams but finally I found a miracle which is Tazorac (Tazorotene Topical gel) 0.1%. It is a prescription drug. My son never complain about any burn or discomfort at all. It worth to try it. Good Luck.
Posted by: James

Re: Cream reactions? - 01/20/01 01:08 AM

I Have Lamellar Ichy . Solomon can you tell us more about the Tazorac.
Does it help the scales fall off??
Or does it just help moisturize and tone down the scales????
Looking for new ideas and products!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Cream reactions? - 01/21/01 03:28 AM

Hey Guys(this is the men's group after all),
I have been using Tazorac for almost 2 months now for a study being performed at UCLA. Let me tell you what I know about it. It is a topical retinoid with no side effects and is of the same consistency as neosporin ointment. However, it goes on like a clear "GOO" but eventually dries up and leaves your skin flakey, actually it is exfoliating the scales and is not a moisturizer. UCLA has told me to apply eucerin first, then wait for an hour, actually just let the eucerin soak in, and then apply the tazorac on top of this. The Tazorac works better then anything I have ever used for removing scales, I applied it to my chest once, and 4 days later my chest completely cleared. Most of the scales can be removed when in the shower or tub using a scrub pad or even your hand. Your skin will be "new" and probably very sensitive to the sun so facial use should be done with UV/SPF protection in mind. You guys can write me if you have any questions, I go back to UCLA monday so hurry up and I'll ask all questions that I can't answer then. Later dudes.
Posted by: Chuck Schmidt

Re: Cream reactions? - 06/25/02 02:50 PM

I have icthy vulgaris. From what I have read, it isn't as bad as the other icthys. My main problem is my legs. The concentration of scales is the worst there. Also my waist (allll the way around) has small scaling. I haven't tried any exfoliating creams, just moisturizing lotions which were mostly over the counter.

I have a dr's appt today for something else, but I think I will aske him about these creams. I am glad I found this forum for information and discussion. I thought I was weird because of the scaling. Thanks, guys.
Posted by: Bobvulgaris

Re: Cream reactions? - 07/22/02 08:26 AM

Hi Ian, I have the same problem as you... I don't have so much scaling, but parts of my face also turn red if I put on a cream.
Do you reply if you find something that works for the face? It would be great!
Posted by: Chuck Schmidt

Re: Cream reactions? - 07/22/02 05:48 PM

Try Eucerin Lotion with Alpha Hydroxy. I had been using prescription Lachydrin, but after my skin started clearing, I started using the Eucerin. Found it on clearance at Target stores for $5.90 a bottle.

Anyway, Eucerin works great.
Posted by: kevin246

Re: Cream reactions? - 07/23/02 07:13 PM

I use Clinique regular scruffing soap on my face, arms, chest and neck three to four times a week when I am in the shower. It almost completely removes the scales and gives me a normal appearance. But, perhaps more importantly, it "relaxes" my skin so it does not feel so tight. When I get out of the shower, I simply use fragerance free Lubriderm lotion. Oh, by the way, I have Lamellar, I am 33 years old, and I have tried almost everything talked about in these posts from their developmental phases to the finished products. I can only say that this works for me, but it is cheap enough and worth a shot. Good luck!