Xli and swimming

Posted by: sally34

Xli and swimming - 10/31/15 09:42 AM

Hi everyone

Its been over 3 years since my last post , my son was diagnosed with xli when he was a baby and is now nearly 4.

I am posting this update in case it helps anyone else. I used to cream my son 3 times a day especially in winter ( we live in scotland where it can get very cold!) or his skin and scalp would get very dry and flaky.

I discovered since starting my son in swimming lessons a year ago that the chlorine helps his skin. It clears it up completely. It has worked fantastic for us and we didnt expect this as we thought it may make it worse!
We try and take him at least 3 times a week and i havent had to put any cream on his skin now for a long time now. As long as we keep taking him it stays completely smooth. I dont really understand why the chlorine helps but it definitely does. If we miss a few days it starts to dry out again

My son does seem to have quite a mild case of xli but wanted to post that this works for us in case it helps anyone else
Posted by: Jeff

Re: Xli and swimming - 12/18/15 05:18 AM

Hi, I have IV,(36M). I have 2 boys, both show no signs yet.
Just wondering does your son have scaling on the legs like I have ? Did it clear up completely without having to use creams any more ? I read somewhere about bathing at home with a small amount of bleach having the same effect.
Posted by: sally34

Re: Xli and swimming - 12/23/15 05:51 PM

Hi, yes my son's legs are affected by xli. He pretty much has dry skin all over except his face.

As long as we keep going swimming I don't need to apply any cream. If we miss a session then his skin starts to dry out again. I haven't had to use anything on his skin for a long time now but we do go around 3 times per week.