Joint pain?

Posted by: Rupert

Joint pain? - 01/09/14 08:03 AM

Is there a known association between EHK and joint pain, or more specifically gout?

My GP has made a clinical diagnosis of gout, although I expect this would be unlikely if based on my age (35), weight and diet alone. She said my EHK could predispose me to gout but she didn't seem certain... something about a high cell turnover maybe raising uric acid levels.

Does anyone else have gout or another painful joint condition? My joint pain has been in my big toe and ankle so far.
Posted by: Glori

Re: Joint pain? - 01/13/14 01:18 AM

There have been a number of people on here through the years with some kind of joint problems at a fairly young age but I don't know if anyone has ever made a direct association between the skin issue and the joint issue. I have been told that the dry, tight skin that we have puts extra stress on joints and that can cause inflammatory issues.
I just don't know, nor have I ever found, any real studies or research that puts all this together.