Using Epsom Salt in Bath

Posted by: Candy_Padilla

Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 07/28/10 04:19 AM


My 6-yr old boy has EHK and his dermatologist advised us to soak him in water with bleach everyday. We do it every other day, with mild scrubbing all over his body. It has helped somehow but I've noticed that his skin gives off a particular odor, particularly when he gets sweaty.

Has anyone tried bathing/soaking in water with epsom salt? Did it help with exfoliation and the odor?

I'd appreciate any comment/advice anyone could give.
Many thanks.

Posted by: Luckymum

Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 07/29/10 10:06 AM

I use Hamilton Bath Salts for my girls - its salts and oil mix. I am unsure what EHK is compared to CIE so not sure how it helps with exfoliation as my girls are faily mild, but you could give it a try if you can find it in the US.
Posted by: Glori

Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 07/29/10 11:06 AM

The bleach makes me smell weird too...They tell you to use it because it helps kill the bacteria trapped in the layers of skin but frankly, I hate it.
I am having better luck taking a bath with just a squirt of oil in it. It softens up my skin and it pumices right off. Too much oil and you have a greasy mess, so don't over-do it.
I also throw in a handful of dead sea salt just because, I am not sure if it really does anything or not.
Posted by: MamaH2

Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 08/02/10 01:13 AM

Ivy constantly has a smell to her hands and feet, it's not offensive, just different. I haven't noticed any difference with the bleach or with salts. I haven't tried the oil yet, I don't want to have a slippery baby in the tub!
Posted by: Keith

Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 08/14/10 09:10 PM

Just plain rock salt with do the same trick as epsom salts, I've used it all of my life for my EHK. Just go to your nearest building supply and buy a 50 pound bag of water softener salt for about $5. Read the label and make sure it is made from evaporated sea water, almost all of them are but check anyway. In my opinion rock salt works as good as bleach without the itch or smell.
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Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 08/17/10 03:29 AM

huh...I'll have to check the water softener salt thing out! My dad owns hardware stores, we already get our petroleum jelly for cheap because he can order us bulk, but water softener salt might have to be added to our tab!
Posted by: Candy_Padilla

Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 09/14/10 03:13 AM

Thanks for this! Will definitely check it out. About how much salt do you put in you tub?
Posted by: MonkeyMama

Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 09/24/10 05:30 AM

We go to the pool store and buy bags of pool salt. They save the bags that have holes in them or are otherwise unable to be sold for us and sell them to us at a discount, and sometimes give them to us for free.

Sometimes I'm able to scrub Cate's skin off after her salt bath, but usually it just softens her up a bit.

We put about 2.5 cups of salt in her bath every day.
Posted by: Keith

Re: Using Epsom Salt in Bath - 09/26/10 11:38 PM

I usually put in between 2 and 4 cups when I'm using rock salt because it is cheap and I don't think you can really use too much. When I use the expensive stuff like dead sea mineral salts I use half as much. To be honest I do not see any difference between them so don't waste your money on fancy salts.