Yearly visit to the Derm

Posted by: MamaH2

Yearly visit to the Derm - 07/15/10 01:12 AM

We just went today to visit Ivy's Derm. he said she looked great! We knew that already but it was good to have validation. Her hands and feet have the hyperkeratosis but the rest of her body seems normal. Her armpits and belly button are constantly red and irritated. Her neck is getting scaly (EHK scales, not the flat ichthy-scales) again, but that's manageable. He recommended that we use a 40% urea cream on her hands and feet and continue with what we are doing on everything else...mainly cetaphil and petroleum jelly.
We just started trying lac-hydrin, which our family doc gave us. It seems to sting when it gets on any open sores, and I haven't noticed any difference on Ivy's skin. So I'm not sure if we'll keep using it.
It's been so hot and humid here lately that the blisters have been more frequent. but she doesn't seem to mind them as much any more. I'm hoping she'll potty train soon so that she won't have to wear the diapers any more. They seem to be giving her the most problems.
Well that's our update!
Any insights, or tips to help?
Posted by: Siltur

Re: Yearly visit to the Derm - 08/05/10 09:56 AM

Sounds like things are going wonderfully with Ivy, and I'm really glad to hear that. It sounds as if her development is going according to plan, including her stages of EHK. My one suggestion is that if the lac-hydrin isn't doing any good and is causing her pain you should probably drop it. I've gone through so many lotions in my lifetime it is just a little ridiculous, but that rule of thumb has kept me from getting into too much trouble. After all, what's the point of suffering if there's not benefit to it?

Keep up the good work!