Sarah's June Topic - Cracks in Joints

Posted by: Sarah Helen

Sarah's June Topic - Cracks in Joints - 06/14/10 02:55 PM

Hi Everyone!

So, I often find that the most painful aspect of my EHK is the deep, raw cracks that I get on my hands, underarms, knees and feet. While I can easily treat most of these areas with a dab of Aquaphore and move on I hate using any type of lotion on my underarms.
It becomes a bit of a bad zone for moisture to get trapped, if you know what I mean.

Any ideas? I know... I know.... the best thing to do would be to take care of myself more consistenly and PREVENT the cracks from happening. Let's just say... I'm nowhere near perfect.
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Re: Sarah's June Topic - Cracks in Joints - 06/15/10 01:03 AM

We haven't had that problem yet. Ivy stays fairly moisturized at all times, but she also doesn't mind the vaseline in her armpits yet. I'm sure when she get's older and too big for me to pin down to lotion up, she'll have more of those cracks. I'd be interested in learning how to deal with them then!
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Re: Sarah's June Topic - Cracks in Joints - 06/15/10 05:20 AM

My husband uses spray deodorant and we also use Tazorac on areas like the back of the neck and underarms, although it doesn't do anything on the hands and feet. For those areas, we just file it off or use a Dremel if it is really bad.

Tazorac is weird. You put it on and nothing happens for about 4 days. Then suddenly the whole thick layer flakes off and itches for a day or two, then it takes 6-8 weeks before it builds up again. We really limit the steroid use, but once every few months on limited areas isn't likely to have side effects the way the oral stuff or widespread use does.
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Re: Sarah's June Topic - Cracks in Joints - 06/15/10 12:02 PM

Years ago, my best friend would go to the pharmacist for "Magic Butt Paste" for her grandmother. It immediately made her bed sores and lesions better and in later years, we used it on our kids for diaper rash. I have used it on myself many times to cure deep cracks and sore spots.
The pharmacist didn't require a prescription, it's just something that they make up behind the counter. He said that just about any pharmacist will make it up for you but I found three recipes for it online, one is for mild issues and one is for severe issues.
Believe it or not, the mild-care recipe is Malox and Aquaphor mixed together...I would assume 50/50?
The severe form is 1 Tube Neosporin, 1 Tube Destin, 1 Tube 1% Hydrocortisone cream and one tube of yeast infection cream.
A pediatrician gave this recipe:
2 oz A & D ointment
2 oz zinc oxide ointment
1 oz Maalox or Mylanta
1 oz bacitracin
That seems more like what we used to use, apparently the antacid is what helps with the pain.
I know it sounds weird, but this stuff would clear diaper rash in a few hours and gets rid of bed sores and cracks overnight.
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Re: Sarah's June Topic - Cracks in Joints - 06/16/10 03:58 AM

We use that too! Our formula is 1/3 maalox, 1/3 aquaphor, 1/3 antifungal cream, since my kids usually get yeast rash, not bacterial infections.