5 months old baby neck care

Posted by: Lauren

5 months old baby neck care - 11/04/08 10:48 PM

hello all!
My baby turned to 5months old now(has EHK). And I am having hard time to clean her neck she is not leting me clean her neck if I try to lift her neck and clean then she cry so much I can't even try more! Dose anybody has tip?(IT'S DARK AND SKIN BUILD UP)
another concern I have that is she dosen't want to stand (you know how when you put baby's foot on floor baby try to stand but she dosen't do that instede she cry! Is that mean my baby can not walk? maybe I am extream! maybe she is just delay......
please advise..........sorry about my English!
Posted by: Lauren

Re: 5 months old baby neck care - 11/25/08 10:31 PM

Posted by: snackmom

Re: 5 months old baby neck care - 11/25/08 11:51 PM

Hi Lauren!

We have also found the neck area to be extremely sensitive to the touch. We just do the best we can! What is interesting is that David will let us tickle him in that area when we are playing around, but when it comes to lotioning him up or washing he gives us quite a fight (even when we try to make it fun!). So we follow his lead a lot with that and hope for the best.

David never wanted to put pressure on his feet to stand at that age either. I find it interesting that your thoughts are so much where mine used to be! That is a little comforting knowing that I was not alone! Thank you. I am still not sure why he would not do it, but we had a few theories. Of course none of them were confirmed by a doctor. The one that we really keyed in on was making sure that the build up on his knees was not too thick. So we payed a lot of attention to his knees in the bath. We played a lot on the floor pulling gently on his legs and pushing them back up to help him keep a good range of motion.

It did take him a little longer than some kids to crawl and walk, but it was still within a normal development range. Now at 19 months I can't catch him half the time! When you take her back for her checkup at the pediatrician mention it and see what they say.

Good luck and take care.
Posted by: Lauren

Re: 5 months old baby neck care - 11/27/08 12:09 AM

Thank you so much Christin!
We are trying to practice everyday her to stand.
you are right! That is comforting knowing that I was not alone!
Thank you for sharing David's story.
How's his skin look? Do you think that he is getting better with age?
I hope that he is doing well.
Have a nice Thanksgiving for you and your family.

Posted by: snackmom

Re: 5 months old baby neck care - 11/27/08 02:22 AM

You are very welcome Lauren! It is no trouble at all to share David's story with anyone since I love talking about my boys so much.

As for how his skin looks- he has good days and bad days. Right now since the weather is colder it is a little more thick. His hands and wrists seem to be the worst spots for his build up, but his ankles and feet appear to be more prone to blistering because of the sock bands. The rest of him seems to be a little rough but not so thick. I actually like the way it feels. blush My husband thinks I am weird for that!

At this point I can not say it gets better with age, but I will say it gets more manageable with time as you learn what works and what doesn't. We are not very experimental when it comes to trying new things on David. We have tried a few, but mainly stick to the Aquaphor. I probably won't be so adventurous until he is able to communicate with me and let me know how different things make him feel.

I have been wanting to post photos, but my husband and I are not so sure about putting David on the internet! On a side note- he is doing extremely well. He is very active and amazes me everyday. I hope everything is going well for you and your family. I am sure it will get easier! Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family!

Take care.