At home care (cheap!!!)

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At home care (cheap!!!) - 10/25/07 06:04 AM

Hey all as many of you know i can't go to a derm. here in corpus because none take my insurance and the only one that does just thinks im an allergy not an ichthyosis.... Tests prove and mom proves i have ehk...well winter is coming and we all know what that entails.... Pain.. stiffness....pain... cracks...pain...oh and did i mention I am allergic to oils so baby oil and skin so soft is out of the question.. i have tried loads of lotion.. but to no avail.. scales are just getting thicker and thicker.. movement is scarce and very painful...I am a single mom to two unnaffected kids and would like to do what normal parents do with their children...Go outside and play.. run around.. and just be the best mom i can be.. but if i am out of the tub.. then i am miserable.. #1 how can i find more comfort to do these things with my kids and not have to tell them all the time to be careful with mommy because she hurts... #2 how do i explain to my kids that they can't go outside because mommy isn't able to go out and watch them because of the cold...

I sincerely hate winters for this reason... I took my son out of school this time last year because i couldn't stand out at the bus stops for him before and after school.. but now he is in first grade and has to go.. I could use uplifting thoughts and advice.. thanks a million...Crystal Rose
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Re: At home care (cheap!!!) - 10/27/07 04:52 AM

Howdy neighbor,

I thought Corpus had a mild winter? I'm from San Antonio. I'm jealous that you live by the beach!
About the dermatologists, sometimes I say "who needs em?" Personally, I haven't seen one for 5 years. I also have EHK and pretty much treat myself with over the counter stuff. Amlactin 12% (ask for it at the Wal-Mart pharmacy they have it behind the counter) and Aquaphor or the CVS generic type of Aquaphor. Together these costs me about $25 a month. Plus I use this great foot file from the Dollar Tree that takes off the rough skin on my hands, feet, knees and elbows. I also wear cotton gloves and socks to bed to keep the ointment on. It's much better than a doctor's visit co-pay of $40. One question-Doesn't bathing dry out your skin?
My 7 year-old son who also has EHK went to the Derm. this week. After insurance I had to pay $120 on the dr. visit co-pay and 3 prescription co-pays. I can't even say whether the presciptions are going to last more than 2 weeks. We need economy sized tubes!

So really it's not all that bad to skip the dermatologist. I hope this helps and that you can enjoy quality time with your kids.