just bored

Posted by: luckelizard

just bored - 04/08/07 01:03 AM

havent seen any new posts in here in a few days... just curious on how everyone is doing...I made it out of surgery and trying to do the rest that is necessary. getting more difficult now since i am feeling better.. i want to get up and do things and still the doctor wants me to just sit for another three weeks. talk to you later.. send me some fun things to do while your on "bedrest" im getting bored and starting to miss doing fun things with my kids.
Posted by: pauline5

Re: just bored - 04/08/07 01:31 AM

I am sorry Crystal i didn't notice your post there. (:

umm, try and imagine how many easter eggs might be hidden atound your house...and of cours where they might be...

Or try and imagine how much greek food i am gonna be eating today...

speaking of which, i definitely gotta run now...VERY VERY LATE...

May catch you tonight, to see how you are doing...TAKE GOOD CARE, AND KEEP STILL, BE A GOOD LITTLE GIRL... [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

lots of love Pauline
P.S. not editing the two L's here...