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xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/15/06 03:58 PM

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to make a quick post in regard to a type of shoe that I have found that does not make me blister. I'm 34 years old and have lived with the blisters FOREVER until now. My daughter and I both have EHK and on top of that I am 34 weeks pregnant and needed a comfy shoe desperately. The shoes are called Crocs. http://www.crocs.com/

I just needed to share this because I have not gotten one blister in 3 months, not one!!!

Hope everyone is well.

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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/17/06 12:50 PM

Jenny - I was thinking about crocs for Adam too. I have a couple questions.... I have heard that they make your feet sweat - do you find that to be true? Adam's feet get so hot and sweaty in his tennis shoes that a shoe that lets your skin breath would be great. Do you wear then with socks? how old is your daughter? And do you guys have palmer planter EHK?
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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/17/06 03:51 PM

Hi there,

Samantha and I have EHK everywhere except for the face, palms and soles. I experience cracked heals very often though and blister extremely easily. My feet are always hurting and it has been a continual problem for me my entire life.

Samantha is just about 15 years old. She blisters even easier than I and believe it or not we are in a battle with her right now about wearing them! Can you imagine? She thinks they are too ugly LOL...fashion is a priority for her.

As far as your feet sweating. I feel that mine get a tad moist but NOTHING compared to wearing shoes and socks. They are so open so they provide tons of ventilation so when I get home (I commute from NJ to NY everyday and walk tons and tons) my feet are in perfect and I mean PERFECT condition. They way I look at it...for as much as we spend on lotions and potions and cotton this and that, it is worth $30. Also, you can purchase "dual air socks" to wear with them. The socks rub against each other instead of the skin!

I hope this helps and would be happy to answer and other questions.


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oh and I also wanted to say that these things are so light! It is insane. The really really let your feet breath. Tennis shoes make anyone's feet blister IMO. This are really a must to try and they are in fashion right now [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/19/06 08:51 PM

Jen - I got em! They seem to be great - so far so good - Adam does wear them with thin socks though.... Not too bad on the price either (unless you consider the $12.00 I had to add on buying those new little "jibbitz" things - oh well....)
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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/20/06 01:23 PM

Wow, I wonder if I can get these shoes in Australia.

Like yourself shoes have been a problem all my life. i wear runners nowadays but the sweating is a problem and the swelling makes my feet want to bust out of the shoe...

It looks like they hsve holes sll around the toe line...is that right?

after 42 years it would be amazing if they finally did the trick.
Thanks for posting about them

p.s. forgot to ask how much they are US Dollars, can't find price on their website
Thanks [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

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I'm so glad you got a pair for Adam! I know for the kids they can get a bit more costly with the bling and sparklies to make them cool [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img] but to me, totally worth it. It is unreal!

I finally convinced my 15 year old daughter to get some as well...She has been fighting me because she thinks they are ugly -- WHATEVER. I mean, I totally understand that they aren't platforms [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img] but crocs are the newest fashion lately especially here in NY. She said they feel really good.

All I know is, I schlep everyday to/from NJ to NY and back again and I can go to museums and sightseeing for an entire day without a single blister! Holy Poop!!! In my 35 years I have never owned a pair of shoes that have done that. I recommend them to everyone...hehehehe obviously [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

So glad they are working out.

Big big hugs

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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/22/06 05:51 PM


Yep, they have holes on the top and around the front! They are $30 US for adult shoes. I totally hear you about the swelling from the heat. I've gotten through the entire summer without one blister. I am swearing by these suckers [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/22/06 06:48 PM

Kelly -

I see that you live in Alpharetta. I used to live in Roswell for many many years before I moved here to New Jersey.

WOW small world.

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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 08/24/06 12:45 AM

And I see that you are in NJ? We moved from Westchester, NY - it IS a small world.
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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 09/13/06 09:01 PM

Hey guys,
I am 17 years old I live in a very small town. The cows out number us!! LOL I have know about the Crocs for awhile now but have never really been interested in them either, i ususally wear my flip-flops, even though they do rub my feet and make my skin raw. Once my feet get used to the shoe they usually do pretty good. So maybe you could try out those Sugar flip flops for your 15 year old daughter...i know that they are popular in many areas...and being a 17 year old, i know how it is with fashion nowadays...well talk to ya'll later!!!

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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 09/14/06 03:56 AM

On the topic of Crocs, I just got back from Disney world and they were awesome. I have palmer planter Ehk and they are great!!!! Guess I will have to find thicker socks so I can wear them in the cool weather. My husband and kids are now into them.
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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 10/26/06 08:59 AM



FANTASTIC...you're not wrong about the lightweightedness...

I also have palmoplanter EHK, and not much blistering at all...feet feel as good in the evening as they did in the morning...

but i haven't tested them out on a really long walk yet...as i get around in a scooter most of the time...except when i go shopping in my car...

THANKS AGAIN, THEY ARE A LIFE SAVER...and i bought a pair for my husband who has severe Cerebral Palsy, and boy what a godsend they are for his feet, which are deforming these days...

Just bought a pair for my mum's birthday in 2 days also...

Love Pauline
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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 12/05/06 11:21 PM

OK - you may have convinced me. I've been seeing them in the malls (where I don't spend long shopping as my feet get blisters) for ages and always wondered if they were worth it. Of coarse, since I live in Minnesota the holes might let the snow in.
I'll let you know [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: xpost - Shoes that DO NOT blister - 01/05/07 01:12 AM

Hey Guys, any suggestions here...

I was so rapt with the Croc Shoes, but now I am on accutane and the callous on my feet is lessened somewhat, and also my feet are much smaller overall, the Croc's are absolutely killing me to walk in...

the pain on the soles is too much, and i am hobbling so much, i am losing my balance and holding my arms out like an aeroplane...i just can't wear them now...

Has anyone else had this reverse effect when their callous is thinner...

Damn it, i am really disappointed...
Pauline (: