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Hereditary?? - 05/28/06 09:58 AM

Hey guys long time no see... well im 23 and had my second child in august of 04. if anyone is adding she will be 2 this year... lol i was told when i was like 12 that if i were to have kids they would come out with my skin disorder (EHK). so of course i was advised against it. i was told that if i were to have a boy there would be a 50-50 chance that he would get it. and if i were to have a girl there was a 75% chance she would get it. Now two kids later (1 boy 1 girl) neither one of them have it (thank God). i just have the question what is the real heredity of this.. is it passed down because i know i got it from my bio mom.. but i just want to know why my kids didn't (im greatful that they didn't) but im just trying to put two and two together. thank you for your time
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Re: Hereditary?? - 06/02/06 02:29 AM

It's a straight 50/50 shot. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter. You just got lucky twice. And your grandkids won't be affected, either.

I have 2 affected boys, incidentally.
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Re: Hereditary?? - 06/03/06 07:01 PM

thanks.. it gets confusing after a while.. im just greatful that im the only one in my household.. i just am trying to learn what to tell my son to tell to his classmates. thats the tricky part.
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Re: Hereditary?? - 06/03/06 07:26 PM

I was the first in my family to have EHK - and I was always told its a 50/50 chance for each child. I have 3 sons - ages 9, 5 and 2 -my first two dont have it but my third son did end up with it- but so far he looks really great and we are hoping it wont be as bad as mine.