Suggestions on Tazorac

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Suggestions on Tazorac - 02/19/06 09:13 PM


We are going to use Tazorac on my daughter's neck. Before we use the cream, I wanted to see if any body has any suggestions how to use it. Do you put in on after bath or at night before sleeping? How many times a day? How much is typically enough (just a little or generous amount)? How long does it usually take to see the effect and I know this depends on the individual. My daughter, Lily, is now 25 months old and her neck seems to be the only area with scales with some under her arms. We appreciate any input.
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Re: Suggestions on Tazorac - 02/19/06 11:10 PM

Be really careful about how much you use. My husband uses the least strong dose, usually after his shower. For 3 days, it doesn't look like anything is happening, then all of a sudden everything starts peeling off and itching like mad.

The first time he used it he put it on 4 days in a row because he didn't get a response. Then when it did work, he was totally raw and bleeding. It took EVERYTHING off.

Because of our experiences, we won't be using it on our 3yo until he's a bit older and has cause and effect down pat.

Then again, we don't have straight EHK, so your mileage may vary.

I would say once a day and only a tiny amount. To start, I would try it once only. If nothing happens by 3 days, put it on 2 days in a row, then wait the 3 days. Better to have no effect at first than to overdo it, I think.


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Re: Suggestions on Tazorac - 02/20/06 02:56 AM


Thanks for sharing your experience. We will try once and wait for three days. To tell you the truth, I have been thinking about this for a while. Her neck has scales but it does not really bother her. It is not very thick and usually a good rubbing in the showr gets some if off. The only problem is that she cries a lot and won't let us do it. After this try, I may just wait for a while before doing this again. We will see.

We are not sure exactly what Lily has either. It is supposed to be close to EHK but not exactly.