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Sandpaper? - 01/01/01 10:55 PM

I've often thought about using an electric sander to sand down my hands and feet but I'll just stick to my "sanding stone". Has anybody tried pumice? I'm talking about using it on your hands, feet, knees, and elbows. I use a really solid one that works wonders. Those porous ones that they sell in drug stores trap the rubbed off skin and starts to make the rock smell. My only problem is finding those solid ones, I think I got my last one at a hardware store. Anyone know where to get a good pumice stone.

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Re: Sandpaper? - 01/16/01 08:21 PM

I use just a gray pumice stone that I find at Wal-Mart. It's back in the foot section in the pharmacy department. I know what you mean about those porous "foot stones" that aren't real pumice. Real pumice seems to be less porous and isn't quite as harsh on my skin.
I use 400 grit sandpaper all the time on my skin, to smooth out really rough patches and get rid of bad spots of build-up, as well as an alternative to shaving my legs. I can tell you that it really does work, although I have never used an electric sander (but boy have I thought about it!).
Start out with some 400 and see what that does for you. It doesn't hurt at all (at least not me) and it might net you the results you are looking for.
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Re: Sandpaper? - 04/15/02 10:57 PM

wow this is really cool, I have ever only met one person with EHK and I have the severe type affecting 80% of my body, yeah ive thought of using an eletric sander as well but I think that would be too harsh hehe.
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Re: Sandpaper? - 05/12/02 03:43 AM

Well Nicky

I have used very course sandpaper on my feet and hands ever since I was about 5 years old. I first cut the thick callous off with a surgical scalpel, and use the sandpaper to smooth the rough knife cuts down.

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Re: Sandpaper? - 05/12/02 04:39 AM

I found a callous remover/corn remover at Target that has a razor blade in it that you can use to "shave" the rough spots on your feet. It was only like $2 and includes refill blades. This works well for me without going to deep like I had with the scalpel I used to use. For the rest of my body I use a glove that is tougher than pumice (I think) and I found it at Walmart in the health and beauty area. It's white and doesn't look like much but it works really well for exfoliating. Well, I have a big thunderstorm going on here, so I better get offline. ~julene
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Re: Sandpaper? - 05/14/02 10:58 AM

I also use sandpaper. I got it from Home Depot and it looks like a little black cushion. I think it is used normally to sand corners of things. I love it because since it is a block, it is easy to hold onto and it isn't too rough that I take too much skin off.
I also use the pumice on a stick on my legs. You can get that in any store - CVS, Target, Wallmart. I think again the handle makes it easy to hold and isn't too rough.
This method of removing skin does wonders for me.
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Re: Sandpaper? - 09/19/02 03:30 AM

well i have never used sandpaper before on my skin but i have used a pumise stone. and it works .but i havea mind case of EHK. but i might try the sand paper idea. it seems harsh but i wil ltry anything.
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Re: Sandpaper? - 09/19/02 11:09 AM


If you have very thick soles and palms of feet and hands, then you will love the sandpaper, and it isn't at all harsh on those areas.....I lap it up.....a wonderful feeling, especially if your hands or feet are itchy....

ENJOY.....makes me want to buy some right now..

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Re: Sandpaper? - 09/21/02 12:53 PM

Helo everyone, At the conference this summer there was a father that had a child with ichthyosis (I can not tell you what type though). He said that he did use a belt sander on his childs feet. Since I am not good with any type of tool or anything that plugs in this is not an options for me :-) but I did think it was a pretty interesting idea. hugs to all, meshell
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Re: Sandpaper? - 09/22/02 03:14 PM

I think I talked to the same person about the belt sander. What he actually meant was that he used the sand paper belt that would go on the belt sander, he didn't actually use it with the power tool plugged in. Belt sander sand paper has a different backing to let it be more flexible so it can rotate around the spools on the sander. It lasts longer and doesn't "crease" as easily. I still think the best way for me is to get my skin as soft as possible and use a 3M pad(the pads you scrub your dishes with) to knock down all the loose dead skin. It is more flexible and knocks down everything evenly unlike sand paper which knocks down the high spots first before it gets to anything else. A loofa(sp?) works great too. I have seen exfoliating gloves, which is actually a scrub pad made into a glove, it works great and covers a larger area at one time. You can get them at almost any pharmacy or drug store, usually in the bath section.
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Re: Sandpaper? - 01/16/04 10:26 PM

My husband and son both have EHK. We started using a Dremel sander on my husband's feet 2 years ago. Before that he was hacking off the calluses with a pocket knife. He says that this hurts much less and is much more efficient and precise.

He originally started using it on his feet dry, but because the skin is so thick the heat builds up and it burns. He has found that it works best right after his shower - he puts towels along the door of the shower and one on the floor to catch all the dust. He sands, then removes the towels and Dremel and washes the loose dust off, then gets out and creams as usual. He does it 1-2x a month.

The only caveat is that it changes his ability to walk for a day or two until his he adjusts to the new balance.

I have used it once on our 1 year old, but he is not as severe as his dad, so it isn't as necessary.

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Re: Sandpaper? - 02/16/04 10:19 PM

I have EHK. I have never tried sand paper but i do use a Pumas stone. The solid kind with a handle.
I tried the Dremel a few times but it was hard not to go too deep and sometimes I would get funny infections. My feet aren't that bad.