I need help

Posted by: Eva Ludwig

I need help - 10/21/13 07:30 PM

I apologize for opening a new thread, but I just don't know where to go anymore to get some help. I am from Germany and I am currently studying in the US to get my Master Degree. I have ichthyosis type CIE. I thought I brought enough lotion from Germany till I get back at Christmas and that it would be easy to get new lotion here, but I am starting to run low and nobody seems to know what they should give me as an alternative to my current lotion. I am starting to get desperate because I cannot bare to think about the worst case scenario of not having a lotion. I would not be able to leave the house which is not an option seeing as I teach and study at the same time.

Please, if anybody out there can tell me what they take to make their skin smoother, less dry and itchy, I will be eternally grateful.

My current lotion consist of the following ingredients (even though I doubt anybody here knows what the stuff is, my doctor certainly did not)

Urea pura 120g
Aqua dest 120g
Silicoderm F
Creme Bayer ad 1200.0g

Thank you again, any help would be appreciated!
Posted by: Glori

Re: I need help - 10/22/13 11:37 AM

It might help to take your current product to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist if there is an over-the-counter equivalent available.
Does your lotion have a brand or trade name?
Posted by: Eva Ludwig

Re: I need help - 10/22/13 02:59 PM

Well, that is one of the issues. In Germany Pharmacies still mix and prepare medications, so this lotion is made and that is apparently not common at all in the US.
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: I need help - 10/27/13 03:10 AM

It looks like some sort of base cream like either Aquaphor or a cream base like Velvachol, with 1% urea and 1% distilled water and 10% of whatever Creme Bayer is (antifungal?). Silicoderm-F is a 35g tube of silicone lubricant. You'd probably do okay with glycerin or some sort of oil like coconut oil.

Locally, a lot of people use CeraVe as a good OTC cream. It is supposed to restore the ceramide oils in your skin and is supposed to work really well on LI and CIE. You can also see a doctor and request samples, or a letter to get into the Beiersdorf program. They will send you a case of cream every 3 months. They offer Aquaphor, Eucerin, Eucerin Plus, Calming Creme and Nivea products. Details are at the top of the first forum.