Dermalipid by Genuine Health

Posted by: thehodgees

Dermalipid by Genuine Health - 02/15/11 12:54 AM

Hi, all,
Just wondering... we were leafing through the March 2011 issue of Women's Health magazine and came across a small article on page 28 about "Dermalipid" by Genuine Health ( Product Listing On-line here ). Has anyone tried it? I noticed on their website for the product that it does not recommend that children use this product so I am not willing to try it on Ema since she is only 6 but wondered if any adults with CIE have tried it.
Let us know if you have tried it and what your review would be.
Posted by: Les Avakian

Re: Dermalipid by Genuine Health - 02/15/11 10:20 PM

Hello Sarah and Craig
What ingredients are listed for Dermalipid? Many of the higher priced creams are using ceramides, cholesterol, and allantoin. Does it contain any of the alpha hydroxy acid ingredients? Quite possibly the acid content could be higher than what is recommended for children.Take care Sarah and Craig.
Posted by: thehodgees

Re: Dermalipid by Genuine Health - 02/16/11 08:02 AM

Hi Les! How are things? Dermalipid isn't a cream it's a supplement...a pill. The article in the Women's Health magazine mentioned that it could trap moisture and reduce redness, so naturally it caught our eye.
Posted by: Glori

Re: Dermalipid by Genuine Health - 02/16/11 12:41 PM

I read some reviews on Amazon about this product and the people there using it said that they didn't see much difference and also complained that when they put reviews on the manufacturer's site, they never appeared. I suppose that means they only publish the positive ones.
Apparently you take four a day and an $18 box has 60 capsules in it...I don't think that I will be spending the money to try it out but if anyone else does, I would love to know!