another baby?

Posted by: kekonen

another baby? - 12/17/10 04:16 PM

We haven't decided if we're done having children yet. Although I could be perfectly content with my two little girls, I've always wanted a large family if we're able to provide for one.

Annalie was born with LI, but it seems to be a pretty mild case. She was not born with a collodian membrane.

I know the odds of us having another baby with Ich, but does anyone know if we have another baby with Ich would he/she also have LI like Annalie? Even though Annalie didn't have a collodian membrane, is there a chance that another baby of ours would?

We haven't met with a genetic counselor and we haven't had any testing done. I'd like to have Annalie tested eventually for her own knowledge, and Hadley too to see if she's a carrier, but testing results would not change our minds about having another child.
Posted by: MonkeyMama

Re: another baby? - 01/02/11 05:48 AM

Based on what our derm told us, additional children in a single family tend to have similar types of Ichthyosis as previous children. For example, our daugher has a moderate form of LI and it is suggested that any children we have in the future will have nothing more serious than a moderate form of Ichthyosis.

We've decided to not have any more children, but I wish you the best of luck if you decide to have another!!
Posted by: TiffanyJ

Re: another baby? - 01/25/11 05:56 PM

Our 1st child does not have LI. But our 6 & 3 year olds have identical cases.