any parents that have ich?

Posted by: lexy1742

any parents that have ich? - 03/06/10 01:50 AM

I have LI and just recently had my first child that is unaffected.i stop using all my meds except for aquaphore while pregnant just to be safe. i want to start using them again but am scared that it may irratate my sons skin if he come it to contact with it. has any one else expirenced this should i hold off until he is a bit older and his skin isnt so sensitive
ALSO are there any parents who have passed it to their children
Posted by: Promiseland

Re: any parents that have ich? - 03/06/10 03:58 AM

Yes, a lot of people on the board are parents, with or without ich symptoms, who have had children, and some children are affected and some are not.

You are touching on one of the most sensitive issues on this board---having children and passing on the ich genes and conditions. Understandably strong feelings on both sides.

Others can speak more confidently about genetic inheritance than I do. What the odds are, etc.

I think much depends on the type of ich and whether both sides of the family carry the genes. For vulgaris I think it is much more prevalent in subtropical and tropical areas, and in some locales, such as parts of southern China, you would find both sides of the family carrying the gene, and children would be affected to a greater or lesser extent based on the roll of the genetic dice.

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Re: any parents that have ich? - 06/25/10 09:19 PM

When I was pregnant with my son someone actually told me that I should avoid holding him to my bare skin when I had him to avoid giving him a problem like asthma or broncitis. It hurt me so much when they told me that. I was already paranoid that he would have it considering that his real dad is also adopted and had no clue as to his medical background. Luckily, there haven't been any problems with my son. He is unaffected and has never had any adverse reactions to the over the counter lotions I use, which is a good thing because he tries to put it on himself.