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Posted by: libby

nb-cie advice - 05/11/09 04:59 PM

OK, so winter is over, skin should be getting better, no? My daughter's skin is absolutely horrible right now. Any suggestions? Has anyone tried any new creams? Right now she is still using lachydrin and Aderma. She has entered puberty and I thought I was once told that skin gets better??? Def. not the case with her.

Posted by: BritMum

Re: nb-cie advice - 05/11/09 07:55 PM

Do you think she could be just going through one of the `complete peel' phases that is slightly delayed for some reason this year? I've noticed this time that this "stage" has lasted longer than it usually does. Don't know why! I guess we could put it down to global warming! lol Our daughter tends to have 2 or three bad episodes each year (discounting visuses etc) that seem to occur when the weather changes, and these have lasted a couple of weeks, but not the current one! We're into the 4th week - although it is subsiding now!!

J x
Posted by: libby

Re: nb-cie advice - 05/13/09 08:27 PM

If it is a molting stage then it is lasting way too long! Is anyone else finding this board to be very slow and not as helpful as it has been in the past?
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: nb-cie advice - 05/14/09 02:39 PM

I wish I had an answer for you, but it isn't something we really deal with. My kids all molted once or twice as babies, but never since.

I don't find the board any less helpful, but sometimes it takes a few days before the person with the answer to your question comes across your question. :P