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Itching - 10/29/07 06:06 AM

Hello, I'm a new member. I have a 21 month old boy with CIE. His name is Breyden. I wanted to know if anybody has any suggestions for itching. My son is always scratching his hands, feet, and Knees. He will scratch until he bleeds and would keep scratching if we let him. when he sleeps and when he's in the car we have to cover his hands. He also doesn't sleep very well either because of the scratching. We try and aquaphor him as much as possible, but even when we put it on he still does. We've tryed benadryl and atarax at night and doesn't do a thing doesn't even make him sleep. We tryed a few creams for iching too. Any suggetions would be great. Thanks
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Re: Itching - 10/29/07 09:03 PM

have you tried zyrtec and mixing some hydrocortozone with the aquaphor. I hope you find a good system... the itch can be so anoying to both the child and the parents...
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Re: Itching - 10/30/07 12:00 AM

Don't be afraid to try using other creams or glycerine mixed in creams that other people on this ich board may recommend instead of always sticking with the doctor recommended products. I have Lamellar and my mom learned early on that the Aquaphor and Eucerin did not really help my skin as much as some over the counter products. I have bought the Aquaphor and Eucerin again as an adult to retry them and still am not pleased with the results. I'm not saying that those products don't help anyone with ich. But, maybe using those products and other products alternating could help him. I hope you find something to help Breyden. I hate the thought of such young children itching or hurting with their ich. Good luck and God bless! [img][/img]
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Re: Itching - 10/31/07 06:23 AM

Thank you for the suggestions. I'm going to try some different creams. We can't use Hydrocortisone though he had a really bad reaction with it when he was younger. Thanks again.
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Re: Itching - 11/05/07 08:14 PM

Poor little guy!

Perhaps try Bag Balm (aka, Udder Balm). It worked for me when I was young. Not sure why. My parents used the kind that came (and still does last time I looked) in a green square tin. It's greasy--not the lotiony stuff that comes in the black-and-white-splotched tube.

You'll probably be able to find it at a farm-type store (TSC, Runnings, etc.) or at a veterinary office that treats livestock.
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Re: Itching - 11/06/07 06:01 PM

We had the same problem with Zoey she has CIE also. The derm perscribed velvachol cream with hydrocortisone mixed in it, and it worked great! No more itching until she bleeds!
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Re: Itching - 11/22/07 10:45 PM

Hi, my son [2 1/2] is also really bothered with itching. He has whats thought to be nbCIE and itching at night is our main probelm. When he was little we always put scratch mits on and then socks over his hands when the scratch mits became too small, now I just have his skin covered as much as poss- bodysuit with poppers,so he cant scratch up his back and pjs but he still scratches from the top. I apply diprobase ointment [its like vaseline but less thick] 3-4 times daily all over, any less and he is really itchy, and sometimes have to apply it through the night.In the summer its really bad and in winter [its quite cold here-scotland]not so bad. We give him an antihistamine at night but It doesn't help much. Sorry if this hasn't helped much, just going through similar things

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