Anyone else using Acitretin?

Posted by: SusieL

Anyone else using Acitretin? - 07/27/07 06:20 AM

We put my son on Acitretin about a month ago and I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled we are with the results! My son has moderate LI, scaling all over his body. We get stares, questions, and advice every day from strangers. Since he has been on this medicine, he has shed nearly every scale. His skin is completely clear and so soft, I can't stop touching his cheeks! We go out in public and no one looks twice. He's still dry and needs lotion, but it is nothing compared to what he was before. I am so excited!

Is anyone else on this? Anyone had any experience with it? I know there are potential side effects to watch for, but my son's dermatologist is the guy who writes the books the med students study in dermatology class, and he is a very conservative doctor as far as treatments go. I just can't believe these results! If you want to email me, I'd send before and after shots to prove it!

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Re: Anyone else using Acitretin? - 07/27/07 02:55 PM

Hi Susie,
I'm on Acitretin (brand name Soriatane) myself. For other success stories and discussions check out the Retinoids thread. It can be a little interesting since people feel so strongly about these drugs but you will learn tons.
Good luck!

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Re: Anyone else using Acitretin? - 06/30/19 04:05 PM

Hi Susie,

I was born with Lamellar Ichthyosis. I started taking Acitretin (Soriatane) almost 2 months ago. I take 25mgs daily. 2 weeks into taking it the back of my neck and half of the front of my neck cleared up. Not long after that my arms started clearing up. I also felt moist palms and bottoms of feet. I also saw more shedding of the skin. June 25th things started to change. The moistness in my hands and feet went away, the skin started growing back and no shedding. It feels like the medicine has stopped working. I'm not sure what to think. Any thoughts? I would appreciate them.