constipation in 4 year old

Posted by: Nancy

constipation in 4 year old - 07/14/04 06:56 PM

Our daughter is a 4 year old with CIE that continues to have problems with consitpation.
Our doc at the mayo suggested a little maylox to help but now it's the other extreme even after we've quit giving it to her.
Has anyone had this problem or know what may have worked for you or your son/daughter in the past.
Any help would be great.
Also, I think all posts are benificial to all.

Posted by: Hearsay

Re: constipation in 4 year old - 07/15/04 12:52 PM


While we were at the conference, Mary Williams did a talk about transdermal water loss. They did a preliminary study on 10 ichthyosis kids that were about 5th percentile for height/weight. Basically, what they found is that those kids lost about 7 times as much water through the skin than people with normal skin do.

I have to wonder if the constipation comes from being dehydrated? We haven't had the problem ourselves, but then again, our son drinks fluid by the gallon (as does Daddy - both have ichthyosis-en-confetti).

I hope someone else has more ideas.

Posted by: toyahmiss

Re: constipation in 4 year old - 07/15/04 03:36 PM

My 5 year suffered from very bad constipation and we were told to use Lactchulose (sp)but the problem is repeated use can lead to intolerance. I have now started her on prune juice and she is totally fine - no more screaming when she needs to go!