Posted by: Sirena

Glycerin - 07/27/03 07:41 AM

I read somebody's post that they use glycerin after they shower. I have been trying to find an alternative to the vaseling and aquaphor type products I have used all my life. So I tried using glycerin instead of vaseline. I have discovered that it once I got use to it , it is so much better! My skin is much thinner which much less build up of scales, much smoother than it was. I think the vaseline was contributing to the build up. Thanks to all of you who have shared ideas. To be honest I had kind of gotten to the point when someone suggested I try something new, I would have to stifle an eye roll. (Because of course we have tried it all.) But from you of course I take it much more seriously. I also tried the water proof vaseline intensive care someone mentioned and found another one that smells like oranges both I really like! If I had a dollar for every time someone made me try new stuff I would be a very rich woman. It is so nice to be finding some that are actually working. Thank you!
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Re: Glycerin - 07/28/03 01:14 AM

Hey Sirena!

What is the lotion that smells like oranges? I am always looking for something with a different, but not perfumy scent. I like a change of pace once in a while.

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Re: Glycerin - 08/02/03 05:51 AM

It is another vaseline product called Healthy body complexion and it is in an orange and white bottle.
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Re: Glycerin - 11/04/03 03:38 AM

Well, I started to mix glycerin with Lac Hydrin wow it is a real difference on the skin. My skin feels silky smooth when I use it. Just to test it out I stopped for this month and I am using just Lac Hydrin and let me tell you its better with the glycerin mixed in it.
Posted by: CHLUKE2003

Re: Glycerin - 11/06/03 01:18 AM

i started using glycerin mixed with dermal therapy lotion. it seems to be working well. i am new to this site but have learned a lot already. i had pretty much given up on trying new products, but reading about them from others here who have tried them is really nice.
i am sure you already know it, but you can buy glycerin by the quart or gallon. any pharmacist will order it for you. it is much cheaper that way.