accutane, my thoughts

Posted by: ligea

accutane, my thoughts - 03/22/08 03:10 AM

This is ligea, I have something to say about accutane. I am in my mid 40's with EHK. When I was younger, my Dr prescribed Accutane and then Tegison on a daily basis. I would wish to warn people to use caution with these meds. They have many nast side effects. I should have known as I was told not to have children. It would cause nasty birth defects. As it was, I was lucky, I only lost my hair, and my liver took a dump. I was on both meds for about a year each. I stopped all in the late 1980's. I still suffer the effects. My hair is gone and will never come back. Please, just accept yourself as you are, trust me, your skin will get better on its own!
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Re: accutane, my thoughts - 03/23/08 06:33 AM

I am very sorry to hear about your medical problems. I have never tried this drug or any "systemic" treatment as my condition was of intermediate severity. Just recently, another person who used to post a lot, Keith C, has informed us of terrible side effects related to his hips and he was needing surgery.
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Re: accutane, my thoughts - 03/24/08 12:41 AM

Hi ligea:

I do take heed in what you just said...Accutane was not the best for me, only stayed on it for 2 months or so...

Now on neotigason, and yes alot of my hair fell out...but thankfully it is growing back now, and not falling out anymore because I reduced the dosage by just 1 capsule per week.

I have had to accept (which wasn't hard by the way) that I will never totally clear my skin up while on neotigason. I am more than happy with the part results I have...

As you say our health is more important..
Crystal's mother lost her hair on these drugs, and it has never come back either...and that scares the hell out of I won't be increasing this doese anymore thank you...

All the best
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Re: accutane, my thoughts - 06/11/08 11:36 PM

i to have taken accutane. i have had no noticable side effects that i know of. although i have been having hip problems poping and hurting as well as my lower spine. im really hoping this is not why... i will be looking into it more and more ...
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Re: accutane, my thoughts - 06/12/08 12:26 AM

Stop right there. Hip problems ring a bell. Keith C who has EHK and used to post a lot recently posted about the need for hip surgery related to retinoids.
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Re: accutane, my thoughts - 06/15/08 11:00 AM

eww well.... it looks like ill be trying to get dr. joy mosser to take my insurance again so i can go see her asap then.