soriatane vs. accutane

Posted by: AngV3

soriatane vs. accutane - 03/09/08 05:19 PM

Would just like to know if anyone knows if things have changed with the amount of times these meds stay in your system - I am about to go back on Accutane after being off for about 13 or so years,but my doctor wanted me to go on Soriatane and told me that it would only stay in my system for a few months. From what I know- with Accutane - that stays in your system for a few months, but I have always been told Soriatane stays in for over 5 years and thats why no other derm would give it me being as I am in "child bearing years" Any info would be helpful, as I fear my new doc has no clue about EHK and I am his first patient with it....I just want to make the right choice as to what meds to try.

Posted by: Les Avakian

Re: soriatane vs. accutane - 03/10/08 01:06 AM

Hello Angela
I might be able to help you in this regard.In 2003, while attending Camp Wonder in northern California, I met the executive director of research and development for Connetics Corporation, Dr. Lincoln Krochmol.Connetics Corporation distributes soriatane in the United States.At that time, he told me the time Soriatane stays in your system changed from 2 years to 3 years. Im not sure if the requirments have changed since that time. Connetics merged with Stiefel Corporation, so they might be the ones to contact.Take care Angela and I hope this helps.
Posted by: Sarah Helen

Re: soriatane vs. accutane - 03/10/08 02:16 PM

Hi Angela!

I'm really excited to see your post as I also have EHK, use Soriatane and live pretty close to you.

I've been on Soriatane since I was 17 yrs old with no side effects (pretty unusual). This drug's half life is really long compared to most and, sometimes, it can transform into a slightly different chemical that is stored in fat cells. Alcohol can be a catelist for this happening.

I would love to have a chance to tell you about my experience with this drug, good and bad. We should have coffee sometime!

35 with EHK
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Re: soriatane vs. accutane - 03/10/08 11:23 PM

Hey Sarah,

Its been a long time since I have written on the board - but we have actually exchanged emails at times last year about meeting up and I did email you about a month or so ago but did not hear back - maybe I had the wrong email. Anyway - I would love to meet up, I was supposed to be in Bloomington this friday for a conference, but it got cancelled. I would love to hear about how the meds have worked or not worked for you - and everything else that goes along with EHK!!