acutane/retin a micro

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acutane/retin a micro - 09/19/04 05:26 AM

Has anyone tried these? I went to the derm and he siad I could try retin a micro to apply it topically and if it worked i would go on birth control pills (something about protecting my liver?) and then tkae the acutane pills. he also siad it might or might now work and i was wondering if anyone has tried this? do you think its a good idea? i am trying the retin a micro..applying it to one area and i guess in a couple weeks i will see if it works and everything. just wondering, thanks!!
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Re: acutane/retin a micro - 09/19/04 05:46 AM

Sorry for my ignorance on the subject smirk

some corrections..acutane - Accutane. And also I don't understand how this can be used if it is an acne medicine that is used to dry out pimples? To me it seems it would dry me up even more but I don't know how it works. thanks again
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Re: acutane/retin a micro - 09/20/04 03:50 AM

Huh, what?
Birth control pills protecting your liver? Never heard that before. He may have said that Accutane is very hard on the liver and you should be on birth control while taking so that you don't become pregnant and have a baby with severe birth defects. Thoroughly check out this Retinoid section of the board and you will find out all you want to know about accutane.

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