Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis

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Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 07/25/04 05:11 PM


I just went to the dermatologist and he gave me samples of Tazorac .1 gel and creme. I met a lady at the last Icthyosis conference who used it only once a month but the Dr. suggested using it daily. I have tried it for about 3 and have not really seen a difference. I am looking for someone who can give me some feedback on their experience with it and the frequency. How long did it take before you saw noticeable results. Thanks!
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Re: Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 07/25/04 08:19 PM

One of the Doctors at the conference told the EHK group that tazorac was for problem spots only and wasn't supposed to be used daily and certainly not on the entire body at one time. I used it for my ehk when they first started testing it, it cleared my chest within 3 days but never cleared my hands or feet. I suppose you could use it everyday until you clear and then just use it as a maintenance routine a few times a week.
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Re: Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 07/25/04 08:36 PM

I have been using Tazorac gel .1% on Ryley once a week all over her body. I was told by the docotors in Kansas this was ok and that I could even use it more then once a week on her legs were the scales are bad. She has LI. It took about a month to see a difference and it did make a big difference. I look at Ryleys pics before the Tazorac and then the after and she looks amazing. The doctors in Kansas couldn't belive how good her neck back and stomach looked. Ryley hasd been using it now for 3 years. We still only do her whole body once a week and the legs 3 times a week until the scales are gone then we just stick to once a week again. We have found it to be a blessing for us and love the stuff. We use the Gel not the cream. So far we have not had any problems from using it either.


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Re: Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 07/26/04 04:03 AM

Brian has been trying the .05% Tazorac cream for the last 6 days on a thick spot near his armpit. At 3 days, he couldn't feel or see a difference. Day 5, yesterday, he noticed that the area was getting thinner. Today he showed me the same area, and it is starting to get raw.

He has Ich-en-confetti, which is pretty much like EHK.

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Re: Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 07/26/04 01:24 PM

Sorry to hear that Jenn. That is pretty much what happened to me when I was in the clinical testing trials for tazorac. Once it started thinning the skin I had to stop the treatment and work on it manually, otherwise it ate my skin raw and oozed for days. The armpit is a tough place to work on as it is, having a raw spot there must be painful, hope it heals quickly for him.
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Re: Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 06/14/08 05:37 PM

Hi freinds
I used Tazorac gel for my 4y daoughter with LI for about 3m now but not with its full conc.I use it mixed 1\3 with her emollient as eucerine once weekly for all the body and twice for the thick areas eccept the scalp , she gets better but only the legs don`t show progress has any one give an advice?
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Re: Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 06/15/08 03:01 AM

We're still using it, but we just use it once and let it be. After 4-5 days, everything peels off and it gets thin, but not oozing like a skin tear. It's pretty itchy and flaky for 2-3 days, but then under control for about 6 weeks before using it again.

I've only used it once on my son when he developed a lot of buildup, and he followed roughly the same schedule. I'd be hesitant to use it frequently on him because while it has a pretty short clearing rate from the body (18 hours, says the paperwork in the box), I don't want to impact his bone growth, as he's only 5. Using it daily increases the risk.
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Re: Tazorac frequency for Lamellar Icthyosis - 08/19/08 01:16 AM

I have LI, and use Tazorac as my primary treatment. It clears my skin completely, except for the elbows, knees, and feet (which require scrubbing). I use it over the entire body (sparringly) every four days, 1/2 hour before I bathe. It removes almost all buildup, and stays that way for most of the following four days, although there is some peeling by the fourth day. I use it more frequently on my face (every other day), also 1/2 hour before showering. I've been using it for 8 years with no side effects. It's also minimized my bathing time to about 5 hours a week, and I no longer have to scrub except at the elbows, knees, and feet.

I had to use it more frequently when I first began to clear buildup, but gradually worked out the routine that minimized my use of it, while keeping my skin cleared.