Soriatane and hair loss

Posted by: Alyssa

Soriatane and hair loss - 12/04/03 05:56 PM

My Mom who has EHK, has been on soriatane for about 6 months now. She has been extremely happy with her improved skin condition, but has begun to lose her hair. Her natural hair has certainly thinned out, and she'd like to buy a wig in case her hair loss gets any worse.

Has anyone lost their hair enough so to buy a wig? and if so, how comfortable has the wig been on your skin? My mom has tried on several wigs, but she says they're extremely hot and itchy. I'd just like to know how others with this side effect of hair loss have coped.

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Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Soriatane and hair loss - 12/05/03 04:38 AM

I knew a woman who was on soriatane and lost nearly all her hair, whether she was on too high of a dose I don't know. This happened more then once to her, the good news is, it usually grows back, very slowly, but it grows back. She did have a wig but didn't have the type of Ichthyosis we do so heat from the wig didn't bother her. You might want to ask the administering doctor what he/she knows about this and how long it will last.
Posted by: Alyssa

Re: Soriatane and hair loss - 12/15/03 06:01 PM

Thanks for the information Keith. Would you know if your friends hair grew back after she went off Soriatane? or did she continue to take Soriatane and her hair grew back? I ask, because my Mom will probably be on Soriatane for a very long time.

Thanks in advance!
Posted by: pauline5

Re: Soriatane and hair loss - 12/15/03 10:22 PM

Hi Alyssa

Sorry I only just noticed this post...

I also have EHK, and I was on Soriatane nearly 3 years cleared my skin up immensely, but made me very fragile, burning sensation, and Yes after only 3 months, my hair started falling out in chunks...

I tried some wigs, but they were very coarse on my scalp...I decided to go off the drug, seeing it was causing too much pain anyway...

My hair didn't start growing back until a few months after I went off it...

I recall it took over 12 months to be back in healthy condition...

Regards Pauline.