How to use Tazorac

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How to use Tazorac - 11/10/03 11:47 PM

My son and I have been prescribed Tazorac 0.1% gel to use on EHK skin. I use it on my son's neck and on my hands. My doctor advised me to put it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off. It works okay but I'm curious to know if anyone leaves it on for longer and what the results are. I hate to think that I'm wasting this expensive ointment by washing it off before it has had a chance to work to it's potential. I have moderate EHK (thinkened palms and soles and ridged skin on flexor areas). Any information would be appreciated.
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Re: How to use Tazorac - 11/11/03 12:20 AM

I use the Tazorac once a week on my daughter. Ryley has Lamellar Ichthyosis. When we put this on I give her a bath dry her off and when she is all dry we put the Tazorac on her (every where but hair). I leave it on till the next day. I have had huge results this way and she looks so good. She still goes through peeling phases but the Tazorac speeds it up. There are times when I put it on that the skin peels off at the same time and I end up with a pile of skin on the floor. I am not sure how your childs skin would react because Ryley has Lamellar and not EHK but I thought I would tell you how we use it and the results we get. I love the Tazorac and don't mind spending the money for it. I could e-mail before and after picks of Ryley if you would like, just e-mail me and let me know. Have a great day!

P.S We use the 0.1% also


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The doctor might be concerned about the Tazorac causing a stinging sensation that can be rather unpleasant, especially for a child. However, call him up, or wait 'til you visit again and ask WHY he wants you to wash it off. If what he's concerned about hasn't been a problem, then you might be ok. Just be sure to ask him or her first!
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Re: How to use Tazorac - 11/12/03 01:55 AM

I was in the tazorac testing program a couple years back where I had to compare it to lachydrin. The way I was told to put it on was to apply eucerin first and then apply the tazorac on top of it. It worked very well that way. After a while I started mixing the tazorac with the eucerin and applying it that way. I never washed it off right away but this is not the first time that I have heard to do this. I can tell you that when I applied the tazorac(straight) to new skin areas that had no scales it gave me what I describe as being like a chemical burn that blistered my skin and would not heal for many days. It oozed for along time before it finally healed. You may be able to apply it to areas that have scaling and leave it on overnight, but I wouldn't advise putting it on any areas that have no scale build up yet. Either way, I'd ask your derm why you have to wash it off so soon after applying it, he may give you the same reasons I just gave. There are different strengths also. There is an oral tazorac out now, but I don't think the clinical trials are finished yet. My derm keeps trying to get me some( for free) from the manufacturer to test on me but they will not give it up. Let us know what your doc says about washing it off.
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Re: How to use Tazorac - 11/12/03 05:12 PM

Hi Lisa,

I learnt about Tozorc from this BB and asked my son's doctor to prescribe for him. It is the 0.1 and we were using for almost 2 years since he was 5 and half years old. I use it on his face and neck daily. I use very small amount very lightly once he gets out of the shower and cover it with Aquaphor. It helps to remove the scaling very effectively. It doesn't burn him or sting and has side effect so far. By looking at his face he looks normal. I tried on his hand but didn't help that much. I am very pleased the result on his face and neck. I wish it worked the same way for other part of his body.
I think the way these creams work differently from one person to another with the same type of Ichthyosis is amazing. My son has Lamellar and the doctor didn't see any problem other than helping him to the best.
It is hard to say whether it works for you as it worked for my son, except give it a try and discuss it with the doctor. I hope it will work for you the same way.
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Re: How to use Tazorac - 11/13/03 01:40 PM

Hey all,
I just wanted to note that when I used the tazorac cream it NEVER cleared my hands or wrists. I never applied it to my feet but I'm sure it wouldn't clear those either. As most of you know our hands, feet, elbows, knees, basically any flexing areas are the most difficult to clear. I don't know why, you'd think that our areas that get the most movement would be the easiest to clear. One of the docs at the philadelphia conference explained to me that the reason my palms and soles weren't effected was because they have a different cell structure then the rest of our skin and consequently those keratin genes weren't effected in my case. Either way, our hands and feet seem to always be the worst in many forms of Ichthyosis. The tazorac did work great on the rest of my body though.
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Re: How to use Tazorac - 11/13/03 02:06 PM

Keith that is so strange because Ryley's hands, arm pits, elbows, and knees clear up with the Tazorac. They are the last to clear up but they do clear up. I wounder if maybe it is something else I am using with it that helps. Ryley has never had burns from it either, but like I said she has Lamellar so I am not sure how other types of Ichthyosis would react to the Tazorac. Even if somebody has Lamellar like Ryley their results could still be different from Ryley's. It is weird how that works. Have a great day everybody!

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Re: How to use Tazorac - 10/30/04 04:33 PM

What exactly do many of you use tazorac for b/c i have read people using it for their feet, knees, writs, etc. It was given to me for acne...or does it have another purpose. i have tazorac 0.05% not 0.01%

by the way hello to everyone, im new
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Re: How to use Tazorac - 10/30/04 05:11 PM


Tazorac is used to take off layers of skin. With EHK it is a never ending battle with mother nature as our skin cells build up faster than they shed.
I have used Tazorac .05 on my face for acne once. I now know what a chemical peel looks and feels like. The other side of EHK is that some areas of skin (such as the face) are very fragile and sensitive. People with other forms of ichthyosis may benefit from using Tazorac on their face but not me.
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Re: How to use Tazorac - 03/03/05 04:18 AM

I used this for 3 days and it did freaky damage to my skin. i used hardly any and the damage slowly built up to something i hope to never experience again. I was using it for acne and told not to wash it off. This dangerous garbage felt like as stated above a checmical burn! That was also my excuse the next day when i went to school looking like that. It healed up after 2 days. i threw away both bottles of the stuff in the garbage. I can see it possibly helping clear up my face if i find the correct amount which i know is VERY small amounts. I feel bad for the many teenagers who may use too much of this horrible cream of crap on their face for acne. I have mild acne so i didnt need the over the counter stuff but i assumed it would help me more. This stuff is dangerous and shouldnt be given to people with acne problems without someone teaching them to use it hands on. I urge anyone who reads this before trying it do not use more than u think because the dryness takes quite a while to take effect. i honestly believe the formula is too strong for acne treatment and should be far less strength. i used .1 so maybe thats what did it... i dont know and i dont care.

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