Oral Tazorac?

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Oral Tazorac? - 04/01/03 11:31 PM

Has anyone heard anything about the new oral tazorac that is supposed to be coming out within a year? My derm at UCLA just told me it should be on the market by the end of the year and claims very low side effects. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I'm through with retinoids and I'm waiting for a cure not another temporary toxic cosmetic solution. One other question, has anyone ever mixed Tazorac and Lachydrin and tried it that way? I was just given a prescription for both and told to mix them together and apply that way. If anyone has tried this please let me know what the results were before I try it and melt my skin off down to the bone.
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Re: Oral Tazorac? - 04/02/03 02:20 PM

I just saw my derm on Monday to talk about retinoids. She didn't mention anything about Tazorac but I'll check with her as I have to talk to her again soon.

One thing she did mention that I thought everybody on retinoids, or folks who'd been on them previously might be interested in knowing is that she has had success prescribing the lowest dose possible of retinoids, and instead of having the person take the recommended dose (of the lowest dose) daily, they take it 2-3 times a week and still get noticeable benefits with a much lower propensity for side effects and discomfort. If I could afford to do this right now, I would but our medical insurance has become pretty awful and won't cover the lab fees for bloodwork that will be still be needed monthly. However, some of you might want to check into this with your derm. If anyone's doctor wants to call mine, let me know and I'll pass on the phone number.
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Re: Oral Tazorac? - 04/03/03 01:24 AM

Just to add to Chandra's post; I take 20 mg. Soriatane daily. doesn't do 100% job, but I can be almost clear if I use Lac-hydren as well. Lac-hydren by itself is not effective.Reguards to all, Randy
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Re: Oral Tazorac? - 08/17/03 04:05 AM

Hey Keith,
My doc mentioned an oral form of protopic several months ago. I don''t know if it is the same type of thing or not as the tazorac, but I am not sure if it is a retinoid, the way the protopic works which was explained to me was more like and anti allergy medicene, it subdues the skings immunity system so that it doesn't make so much extra skin. If you learn any more I would like to know about it and will let you know if I hear anything more. I read you were out surfing, that sounds like fun. Not much of that up here. Take care,
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Re: Oral Tazorac? - 08/17/03 04:57 AM

Ryley uses Tazorac, but I have not heard of a oral form. We use the tazorac once a week on Ryley and it is the 0.1%. Does anybody know if she should be having blood work done or not from the Tazorac. I asked the derm but he said it was low enough she should be fine is this true, or is he wrong? Our family doc knows she is on it also and has never said anything about blood work either. Thanks for any info.

Shauna & Ryley
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Re: Oral Tazorac? - 08/17/03 02:30 PM

I was on a study at UCLA for tazorac about a year ago. They had me compare it to lachydrin as far as its effectiveness was concerned. I didn't use it for a long period of time but I did apply it everyday and was never given a blood test. My doc told me it wouldn't have the same side effects as an oral retinoid and that because it was topical it wouldn't enter your blood stream. Being that your skin is your largest organ and the lotion does soak in to your skin I don't see how it couldn't eventually enter your bloodstream. Whether or not it is as bad as an oral retinoid I can't say. Since she isn't using it everyday there may be nothing to worry about. Either way, I'd ask your doctor next time what his thoughts are on her having her blood tested to check her liver functions(usually a cbc chem panel). This is something that I have always wondered with any or all lotions we put on that have an acid or retinoid derivitive. If it is soaking into our skin it has to be entering our bloodstream to some extent. Is it a significant amount? Is it something to worry about? Have any long term studies been done on it? Topical retinoids are fairly new and claim very low side effects if any. Unfortunately many products come out that we don't really know the long term effects of. If you have any concerns at all I'd say a blood test is your best indicator. I'm not trying to send you into a panic, just trying to put your mind at ease.
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Re: Oral Tazorac? - 08/18/03 05:30 AM

When I was born the docs told my mom to use A and D ointment on me. I aborbed so much through skin that I nearly died and ended up at the university of Wash hospital where I was diagnosed at three weeks. You can indeed absorb things good or bad through your skin and there is no way to measure how much, it may be a little or it may be a lot. Ask for blood tests just to put your mind at ease. It sounds like you do not use it that often but since she is so little I would take precautions just to be sure. My doc mentioned that the oral form may be better because you can control how much is getting into your system as opposed to the skin which is difficult to measure. ( We were talking about protopic) Since I know that I have a sensitive liver I try to becareful about what I put on my skin and what I put in my body. I figure my liver is more important than what my skin looks like. Take care,