Fish Oil helped this guy.

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Fish Oil helped this guy. - 01/27/02 03:08 PM

I found this post and thought it was interesting.

In my continuous struggle against x-linked ichthyosis (top layer of skin cells are extremely difficult to slough off, predominant in males)I bought an off-brand of fish oil concentrate at the $1 store (yep, $1). Ingredients are Eicasopentaenoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid and Natural fish oil concentrate (2000mg). I popped a couple a couple times a day, not really expecting any results. I had also just started taking liquid calcium/magnesium (aspartate, citrate).

Two or three days later I noticed I was waking up feeling more refreshed, rested and thought the magnesium/calcium was working. But then I noticed my skin, which, in addition to the severe scaling, had become wrinkled and dry. The "clumps" of skin had begun coming off in the shower, and in their place was new skin the texture of a baby's!!! Also, my "desertous" nasal passages were "releasing" huge dry chunks of "buggers" (I'm sorry to be so gross, I'm just so excited!) that I thought were a permanent part of my nose!

Now, two weeks later, almost all my skin is normal and "plumped" like regular skin (if you've never seen ichthyosis you just can't appreciate how I feel.) I'm sleeping like a baby (sometimes almost TOO deep), my chronic constipation has diminished CONSIDERABLY, I'm breathing more normally (as opposed to previous GASPING!), many of those little lines around my mouth have faded, my nervous tics aren't nearly as severe or frequent, I look about 5 years younger, and I'm MUCH more optimistic about life (probably because I've got a new body!)

Needless to say, I paid two more dollars, and bought two more bottles of the fish oil! I still have two questions:
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 02/20/02 05:59 AM

I would like to hear about this stuff. I also notice that when I am on a low-carb diet, my skin gets better.
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 05/12/02 09:59 AM

Hey Fish Oil Guy!!! Just wanted to say Thank You for the inspiration re: trying the infamous Fish Oil. I've recently traded Acitretin (which I've been on for about 20 years) for a combination of Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Multivitamins A,C&E. So far it's been great, with no real regression in my skin since stopping the Acitretin. In fact my face is more hydrated and smoother, and my feet look better also. I've been looking for an alternative treatment for ages, but it wasn't untill discovering the Bulletin Board and your very enthusiastic post that I felt confident in making the break! It takes a bit of courage to try something new, particularly when the old drug worked well.
The beauty of the fish oil etc is the lack of scary side effects, and the fact that they are water soluble as opposed to building up in the fat cells and remaining for years after the drug is stopped.
So thank again for passing your enthusiasm on to me!!
Hope it's all going well for you,
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 08/19/08 08:47 AM

Posts: 2 Hi All !

I have tried taking Fish Oil and Evening Primrose oil it helped my skin but the problem is that I found that it works best when taken on empty stomach but then it causes side effects like excessive hunger and mouth ulcers.

What could be the reason for this ? any idea how to reduce these side effects (maintaining the good effects ?)

Also I tried Vaseline which works best as far as skin is concerned but i get headache after applying it (may be because of smell ? i am not sure )

Can anybody help what should i use as a moisturizer ?

really awaiting for responses on this. Thanks in advance !!

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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 10/07/08 09:05 PM

Well, get out the double boiler cause you can combine beesewax with lotion and vasoline and it makes a really thick cream that outlasts plain old petro jelly.

I think I'll try the fish oil as it's also good for the heart.
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 10/30/08 05:55 PM

You know, I took my cat Echo to the vet a few months ago b/c he was having problems with dry skin and flaking. He was so dry and flaky he was losing hair! The vet couldn't find anything wrong with him and suggested giving him a drop of fish oil every day. He said if that didn't work, then we'll have to do bloodwork, which would cost me $200 (so much for having a free cat).

Well, it definitely helped with his skin. And for some reason, I had a major Polish moment and never even considered trying it myself!
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 11/21/08 06:14 AM

hey guys,

im happy for you fish oil guy!! i just wish fish oil did the same for me too frown
i tried it back when i was 18 and it didnt do much for me at all, and after a while i got sick of the fishy taste... im gona try going back on it, but i guess i wont expect miraculous results like yours, ill take evening primrose and vitamin A and B complex as well... a combination should do the trick, right ??

wish me luck !! hehe


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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 12/23/08 07:13 AM

I tried fish oil (in the capsule form) for itchyiosis. Initially I tried taking if after food , This did not show much of improvement.

I tried it an hour or two before food and it worked great. It gave more energy , made me calm and also SKIN would become amazingly soft (I wish I would touch it again and again ....). This is amazing feeling. However next day it make skin even more dry..., bit scratchy also.

What could be reason behind this ? If somebody suggest me on how to get this effect but without getting the side effect ( i have tried freezing the capsules also ) ? you will make my LIFE !
( also I would suggest everybody to try the same as the side effect could be specific to brand which I am taking, you might get the good effect only ! )

Can you please explain how you are taking the same ? in which form liquid or Capsules ?
Are you taking it with vitamin E ? Did you ever felt the sceen to be drier and itchy after few hours after taking the fish oil ?

Plz plz respond.....
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 02/29/12 07:15 PM

Hi Deepak, I have migraines triggered by the fume from petrolem products and yes, vaseline is petroleum jelly. A great alternative that my doctor has me use is aquaphor. It does contain about 42& vaseline but you don't have the bad odor. Hope this helps. Aquaphor is over the counter in the US.
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 03/28/12 03:58 PM

Thanks a lot LadyDi for your response !
I will give it a try..

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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 05/12/12 09:32 AM

Hi everyone.
Out of interest has anyone had any joy with fish oils (other than vitamin man)or any other supplements?

For my part I am going to try the above combination of fish oil and liquid calcium/magnesium. I will report my findings back in a week or so.
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 05/29/12 07:40 PM

Its been about 2 weeks now and I can report that I have seen no change. I will continue until I run out of supplements. I guess at the least they will be good for overall heath at the least.
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Re: Fish Oil helped this guy. - 01/23/15 05:49 PM

[quote=deepak]I tried fish oil for itchyiosis. Initially I tried taking if after food , This did not show any improvement.

I tried it an hour or two before food and next day it make skin very dry..., very scratchy also.