new restrictions on Accutane

Posted by: Laura Phillips

new restrictions on Accutane - 11/01/01 03:33 PM
Posted by: Lisa Marie

Re: new restrictions on Accutane - 11/01/01 04:59 PM

I have to say that I'm a bit frustrated. Just to be on this medicine I have to climb uphill on a constant basis. I've been on it 14 years and constantly have had to fight with insurance companies who all of the sudden have new regulations to follow about this drug or just the simple change of a job causes me to have my doctor call the insurance companies to 'give permission' for me to be on Accutane. Way before I needed to here about anything relating to birth control I was lechtured about being carefull. Now in this article I will have to get tested every month. That's not too inconvenient. Oh, well, just another bump in the road of Ichthyosis.
Just needed to vent.
Posted by: Glori

Re: new restrictions on Accutane - 11/02/01 03:30 AM

The sad part is, this was apparently caused by a handful of irresponsible women who, despite the warnings, got pregnant anyway.
I suppose I sound a bit harsh, but we all know the risks, and the doctors beat us over the head with the warnings, so how can someone be stupid enough to let that happen?