Oral Tazorac??!!

Posted by: Anonymous

Oral Tazorac??!! - 09/07/01 12:07 AM

Hey everyone,
I was talking to a friend who has darriers and she recently told me that they are coming out with an oral tazorac that has less side effects then soriatane. She is looking for the website she read it on but in the mean time has anybody else heard of this? Just thought I would try and get some more info on it since it has been slow in coming to me. Thanks
Posted by: Glori

Re: Oral Tazorac??!! - 09/07/01 07:05 AM

I couldn't find a single peep about an oral form. Maybe the name is going to be too different?
I know overseas Tazorac is called Zorac...
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Re: Oral Tazorac??!! - 09/08/01 08:04 PM

I have also heard Tazorac called Tazoratene, Tazorotene, I'm not sure how it is spelled. I'm terrible at searching out these things, maybe I just get frustrated too easily and give up. Anyway, maybe that will help, I'll write my friend and ask where she saw it again.