new info on Soriatane?

Posted by: Laura Phillips

new info on Soriatane? - 09/06/01 09:50 PM

Hi guys,

I was just out looking at Roche's product information on Soriatane (trying to answer an email question someone posed). I may just be having a brain fart, but I swear they've recently updated their product information (particularly the info on half life, and waiting period for pregnancy). Am I imagining that? I'm particularly looking at the "Precautions" section-->

Well, tell me I'm getting senile if it's not new/additional info. If it is new, maybe you guys will appreciate taking another look at it.

Posted by: Sofie

Re: new info on Soriatane? - 09/09/01 11:12 AM

Hi Laura

I last checked the US-Roche site in August and at that time it already mentioned a 3 year waiting period. The site was last updated in January 2001. That might have been the moment they changed it.
By the way: In Switzerland they only recommend a 2 year waiting period! It is confusing that we get so many different information. I am used to receiving different information from different doctors, but different information from the same company about the same product is a little bit worrying.

Best wishes, Sofie