Accutane in the news

Posted by: Laura Phillips

Accutane in the news - 10/23/00 09:59 PM

Accutane and its possible links to an increased risk of committing suicide have been in the news a lot lately. If you haven't caught any of the news stories, this seems to be a reasonably balanced report:
Posted by: Les Avakian

Re: Accutane in the news - 12/10/00 02:49 AM

On Wednesday December 6, ABC`s Good Morning America show had a report on Accutane being used by teenagers for acne. The report was on the side affects of depression when taking this drug. The report warned doctors not to overprescribe accutane for the mild cases of acne. The FDA is also looking into the correlation between accutane and depression.For details on the report, go to GMA@ABCNEWS.COM.