Posted by: faith popick

accutane - 08/15/00 03:45 AM

Hi, I'm a 29 year old female who has EHK from birth. I have been on accutane a couple of times when I was younger and have now been back on it for 3 1/2 months. By no means is it a miracle cure, but it has maintained and somewhat cleared up the hard scaly areas surrounding my joints. I don't really know if my condition is as severe as some, for I have never met anyone with the same condition. By my doctor's don't seem to think it is, although I don't think they've seen many cases either. I have experienced some sever headaches in the beginning stages, but I have learned to eat before taking accutane. I am on 60 mg a day. Or I take it at night before I go to sleep. I do get blood drawn every month, to make sure that everything is ok and that I'm not pregnant. For those of you who are thinking about it, don't wait, it truly is a miracle cure, until a cure is found.