Dermal Therapy problem

Posted by: sophiesmum

Dermal Therapy problem - 08/23/12 11:12 AM

Hi everyone,
After seeing Dermal Therapy advertised in the FIRST newsletter I got online to order some for my daughter Sophie (3 year old with Lamellar)It certainly wasn't cheap but after reading some positive reviews thought we'd be silly not to try it. It took 8 weeks to arrive, which was expected, however when it arrived it was in a post bag and wrapped in a sheet of bubble wrap. Upon opening it, I discovered that it had exploded and set all over the top of the bottle. I took a photo of it and e-mailed Dermal Therapy to let them know, quietly hoping they would send another bottle. Their response was that they "seeing as though you have use of most of the product we will refund half of your payment" also followed by "we are no longer shipping to individuals in Australia so if we would like to order some more we will have to get a group of people together with children who have Ichthyosis and order case lots". They then went on to explain that damaged goods are very unusual, delays on shipments such as this frustrate the customers and cost them money.
Is this acceptable? I'm worried about using the remainder of the lotion as I don't know what it has been exposed to, there is a large split in the top of the bottle. Also has anyone else had trouble ordering these products internationally?
Appreciate your thoughts.
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Re: Dermal Therapy problem - 08/31/12 10:43 PM

Wow, that's incredibly inconsiderate of the company. It is probably fine to use, but telling you that you used it when it was dumped in the packaging was not good customer service.
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Re: Dermal Therapy problem - 09/18/12 05:57 PM

The information is not up to date. We replaced the product without cost and told her she could safely use what was in the bottle (not what spilled) during her wait to get the replacement bottle.
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Re: Dermal Therapy problem - 09/23/12 11:26 AM

Wow Dermal Therapy, you registered just for that smile
SHE is most impressed
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Re: Dermal Therapy problem - 10/30/12 12:56 PM

Hi Cathy, I just emailed dermal therapy to ask about shipping to Australia and came across your post while I was googling little boy is 2 and has EHK. I see you are further north than us (central coast), but if shipping for extra product then postage between us works out cheaper then I would be happy to organise that with you. We have an Australian Facebook group too if you are interested. Courtney
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Re: Dermal Therapy problem - 01/23/13 08:44 AM

Hi Courtney, I would be most interested in your facebook group. Also, Dermal Therapy told me they are again shipping to Australia but take no responsibility as to the condition it arrives in, worth the risk I think as it really does thin those thick scales. Cathy