Greasy skin

Posted by: Lizzy

Greasy skin - 09/22/11 10:52 PM

So I keep reading about people complaining about how Aquaphor and other thick greasy creams stain closes or are very messy. I'm kinda confused cuz after I put a thick layer on my son his skin does not feel greasy. I have always thought that was weird, cuz if I were to put that stuff on my skin I would look greasy all day. After 5 mins you would not even know that I just loaded up the creams on him. Is this normal for others??

Posted by: MonkeyMama

Re: Greasy skin - 11/12/11 03:11 AM


We cover Cate in Aquaphor a few times a day and she is greasy when we do it, but after a bit it soaks in and isn't greasy anymore ~ is that what you mean? If it gets on me, I'm sticky for the rest of the day; after we put it on Cate, it's sticky at the beginning and then soaks in.