low oxygen levels in first year

Posted by: ~ Leonards Mom~

low oxygen levels in first year - 06/08/11 05:59 PM

My son has ithyosis vulgaris and I was wondering if there is a connection between respitory problems in the first year or so and this disorder? Any comments or knowledge would help his feet use to be purple from his knees down!
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: low oxygen levels in first year - 06/08/11 10:37 PM

That would be highly unusual. Kids with IV do seem to be more prone to general allergies, of which asthma is a severe form, but generally, those with any type of ichthyosis don't have breathing problems unless they are severely dehydrated or overheated.
Posted by: Laurensmom

Re: low oxygen levels in first year - 06/22/11 05:03 PM

While I can not speak specifically about vulgaris, those types of ichthyosis with severe and heavy scaling present at birth (Harlequin for example) can often have respiratory complications secondary to restriction which can impact on lung development. This was true in our case, My daughter today continues to be followed by a pulmonologist as she present with a very reactive airway and is on respiratory medications as needed (allergies and illness).