Ich and head lice

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Ich and head lice - 04/03/11 07:33 AM

Has anyone experience with their kids with ich and head lice. I got head lice from somewhere (no idea where) but cannot see it in my girls, but then apparently the lice eggs are white and I don't think I can distinguish between the eggs and scales perhaps?

Should I just treat their heads to be safe (already did it once but for less than recommended time)? And they don't seem to be scratching. And so far I have not seen any lice.
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Re: Ich and head lice - 05/17/11 11:57 AM

If they're not scratching, I'd assume they have been lucky & haven't got it. My sons friend (female, long thick hair) always seems to be catching it but he has never got it so far. He's 6 with nbCIE. I think his scaly scalp repels the lice! smile
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Re: Ich and head lice - 06/09/11 05:03 PM

Yeah, I was told once that those of us with Ichthyosis can't get headlice due to the scaling on our scalps. I've never had them anyway.
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Re: Ich and head lice - 08/06/12 02:36 PM

My kids have vulgaris and DO get lice. It's really hard to see the eggs. IMPOSSIBLE. I found something called LICE ICE that freezes the eggs and lice and washes out (but it's hard to find in stores). They do not have severe cases of IV, it's very mild and they have mild soft flakes, like orange sticky dandruff but only in spots. I would use the lice comb that finds lice to see if they had it. DO NOT treat hair if they don't have lice. I was tempted to do that a few times.
We kept getting it one year. Finally realized it was from a neighbor. We stopped doing sleepovers and haven't had any since then. If they do happen to come in contact with it, or are going to a sleep over (rare) I spray their hair with a lavender water as a preventative.
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Re: Ich and head lice - 08/07/12 06:02 AM

I absolutely dread the thought of my kids getting lice. There is no possible way that we could see it. So far, we have been fortunate.