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Swimming - 02/23/11 03:35 AM

We took our DD swimming for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Her skin was looking great and we thought we'll give it ago. We had been hesitant about taking her, but knew we had to do it one day. So we did, and she loved it and has been asking to go back.

However, her skin is now the worst it has ever looked. A few days after she woke in pain because her legs were hurting and we couldn't touch them without her crying. Her skin is really dry and her feet look so sore.

I know she has good and bad times, but it just seems to coniside with us taking her swimming. I guess my questions is what has your reactions been with pools, what should we be doing beofre and after swimming to help her?

Swimming is such a big part of life here and I don't want her to miss out, expecially as she loved it so much.


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Re: Swimming - 02/23/11 06:05 AM

Hi Aussiemum - how old is your little girl? Harry (CIE) is 6months and I'm really keen to take him swimming too, but nervous... also curious about taking him in the ocean... the other problem i forsee with that is the sand on his skin - will it irritate, get into cracks.
Are you interested in PM'ing me about your experience/treatments/doctors etc?
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Re: Swimming - 02/23/11 10:11 AM

Hi Courtney, Ashley is 2 and has EHK. Not sure how that differs to CIE, maybe the blistering?

Ashley loves the sandpit and it hasn't really been a problem. Except when it got under a strap on her hat and rubbed on her cheek and she got some scratches. So we just cut the straps off and haven't had a problem since. I think the sand might even help to exfoliate a bit.

Happy to help in anyway I can.
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Re: Swimming - 02/24/11 01:23 AM

Oh it is you, I think we emailed back in Harry's early days when I was walking around in a fog and internet'ing at 2am! My understanding is that EHK and CIE are interchangable names...? or else CIE with a "B" in there somewhere that indicates the bullous/blistering part.
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Re: Swimming - 02/24/11 02:36 PM


We take Ivy swimming every week and so far we've had no problems. In fact her skin seems to benefit from the water. We cream her with her normal cream before going in the pool and then a good cream afterwards. Last summer we went to an indoor water park and spent about 2 hours in the water. I did start to panic that she had been in too long but again it didn't seem to affect her. We do put an all in one suit on her - not that I think it makes any difference but is to stop her being so slippy in the water!
Sand seems to exfoliate her skin. We've never had any problems with it either. It seems that there are differences and what works for one little one might not work for others. But I've always thought if you don't try you never know!
Good luck.
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Re: Swimming - 02/25/11 08:30 PM

Do you have access to a salt water/saline pool? Annalie spent many hours in ours last summer and never experienced any unusual dryness. I made sure to put her cream on her right after we'd get out of the water and she was fine.
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Re: Swimming - 03/02/11 05:52 AM

We don't have access to a salt water pool here, but will moving in a couple of months and have friends with salt water pools so will have to try that.

I think we will try again and put more vasoline on her before and after.
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Re: Swimming - 03/08/11 03:40 AM

We tried to do swimming lessons last year at the YMCA but had to drop out halfway through the session because the chlorine was wreaking havoc on Cate's skin.

I put lotion on her before she got in the pool, then immediately put her in the shower upon removal from the pool and lubed her up with Aquaphor. Unfortunately, it still didn't work for us. frown

We've been told that we should have better luck with a salinated pool or in the ocean, we just can't find one.

I hope it works for you!
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Re: Swimming - 03/09/11 11:44 AM

HI ... I have IV since I was born ... I dont have much of problem with water (I even trained swimming for some time) but you have to follow few rules ... if it is a salt water we are talking about you need to prepare your child for it ... I use olive oil mostly cause it is a natural and it doesnt let salt burn my skin ... and after I get out I have to wash all the salt of my skin under the shower (as soon as I get out the water) and then put some cream on my body ... and if it is a non salt water then you dont have to prepare with olive oil (but is a good preparation also cause it keeps skin ioled and protect from the sun as well) but as soon as I leave the pool or river I must get a good shower and put some cream on my face and all body ... poll's are especially affecting Ich skin cause the most of it are dezinfected with chlor ... and chlor is drying even more so that might be a reason why the skin reacted that bad ... it is just a matter of finding best solution cause everyone's skin is different and is reacting different ... but I like olive oil cause it is natural... hope this helps and next time you will write about enjoyable poll/sea expirience smile smile
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Re: Swimming - 03/15/11 08:28 AM

Well we took Ashley swimming again on Sunday. Vasoline on before and after and today she has woken up with lots of blisters on her arms. Thinking Ashley & cholorine don't mix. Will leave it now until we move and can try a salt water pool.

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Re: Swimming - 03/19/11 02:57 PM

Did you get out of the pool and put the vaseline on top of the chlorineated pool water? There's the problem. Once out of the pool, you need to do a bath with normal water and soap and put the lotions on afterwards.

What you did was pretty much seal in the chlorine right on her skin, and that's probably what caused the blisters.

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Re: Swimming - 03/19/11 11:12 PM

Thanks Hearsay, yes we washed her first and then put on the vaseline.
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Re: Swimming - 03/20/11 01:00 AM

Huh, weird, then. Could she have gotten too much sun? Or is her skin just really sensitive? Do you have problems with fragrances?

I'm not sure what else could make her blister, and it's really unfortunate that she did.

I know with us, we get out of the pool, use the pool's showers to rinse off and put a layer of cream on, then go home and do a full scrub bath. In our case, the skin is so thick that just a rinse with soap won't get all the chlorine irritants out.
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Re: Swimming - 03/20/11 03:06 AM

Originally Posted By: Aussie Mum
Thanks Hearsay, yes we washed her first and then put on the vaseline.

We have the same problem, Aussie Mom. We cream before swimming then immediately shower (before we leave the YMCA) to remove all of the chlorine, then apply Aquaphor, but Cate still can't handle the chlorine. I've stopped taking her for swims but am hoping to find an indoor saltwater pool. {I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hoping!}

Good luck!
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Re: Swimming - 04/06/11 01:13 AM

I find that it depends on the type of pool that she is in. Last summer we spent a week at the beach and there was a salt water pool and it was AMAZING what it did for her skin, the salt acted as a natural exfoliant and it worked wonders!! However, when we would take her to the water park and she would get in a highly chlorinated pool it would dry her out really badly and we would have to do extra lotion to compensate. We just recently bought a house with a chlorine pool that we will be converting to salt but she was in the pool briefly the other day and while our chlorine levels are a lot lower than the water park it seemed to have a drying effect on her. Not sure if that helps but the salt water seemed to do great!

She has not been in the ocean b/c we were dealing with the oil spill last summer but she will be this summer and I am sure it will be as good for her, if not better, than the salt water pool!