Scratching and itching at night

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Scratching and itching at night - 11/12/10 09:33 PM

Hi - my 2yo daughter has started scratching and itching excessively over the last 4 weeks, especially at night to the poitn that she keeps waking up and crying, 5 - 8 times a night. She does get food allergy related eczema and her skin is sensitive. But she scratches so much and I put cream on but it only sooths for a short while and then it seems bad again. Is this related to the ichthyosis or do you think it is allergy related. She is allergic to dairy egg and cashew nuts but we do not give her these foods so I don't know. She still gets red spotty areas around her knees and wrists but she scratches on her ankles, tummy kneck arms as well. Any advice would be appreciated as I don't know what to do.
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/13/10 01:05 AM

full footie pyjamas and ++ moisturizing
In the worst times with Casey, we use Atarax (a Rx med) or Benadryl but Atarax works much better.
The other thing that seems to help is Dermasmooth - applied over the body for several days - we normally use it for the scalp but our derm says it helps with itching and recommended we try it and it did help.
Good luck - all you can do is the best you can
Take care
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/13/10 01:47 AM

Ashley's scratching at night isn't as bad as you mentioned, it doesn't wake her, we just find her arms and back of her neck scratched in the morning.

We find using Dermaveen bath powder in her bath at night works, and her scratching as reduced heaps, so might help ease it.
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/13/10 04:25 AM

I actually just read the itchy baby thread down further below and some of that advice may help. Sorry for asking something that has probably been done to death. We will try bleach in the bath.
From Jennifer's info, we think maybe what happened is that about 4 weeks ago she got eczema from eating a few mouthfulls of icecream at a couple of birthday parties and maybe that allowed bacteria to spread due to the heat we have had down here(?!)

AussieMum - we just bought the dermaveen bath powder - we used to use Hamilton bath salts but they have been discontinued so we were forced to find something else. Hopefuly that helps. Thanks
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/13/10 05:40 AM

Luckymum,i ve ichthyosis vulgaris & a medical student.Just wanna tell u ichthyosis people r vry much prone to allergy
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/14/10 03:32 AM

The last itchy baby sleep post was from me. I've tried a lot of the suggestions. I've got a little routine down that seems to be helping...
1. Rx Allergy Meds.
Everyday I give him Rx Zyrtec.
On bad days he gets either Benedryl or Atarax before bed. The suggestions to try Atarax did help... but dr said it is not as safe as benedryl so I try to use only when really needed.

2. Bath Routine.
Once per week bleach bath - Every other day Oatmeal bath made from grinding 1/2 cup quaker oatmeal (aveeno is too expensive when you are using it this much) - 2 x per week regular bath to wash hair. After bath baby oil then lots of Eucerin or Aquaphor(walmart generic)(the kind that is in the round tub)

3. Whole house humidifier set to about 45% humidity.

He's doing great with these steps but it takes ALL of them as well as making sure he stays away from the things he is allergic to.
I think changing seasons is very hard for my skin so assume it is for him too. Humidifier helps. Oh yes footed PJs help too but getting overheated makes it worse. So I keep the house set on 65.
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/14/10 04:37 AM

Thank you all so much for the advice. We are going to try it all out. We are givign her Zyrtec and are trying the bleach in the bath. We also have an oatmeal based bath powder which we got recently (Dermaveen). Will see how it goes.
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/15/10 09:39 PM

Hi Luckymum, how did you go?
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/16/10 02:11 AM

The bleach bath was great. We did two nights in a row with about a cap full for both the girls. We also use Zyrtec (allergy med) and finally it is calming down and we have had two nights of sleeping through again much to my relief.

We have also taken a break with her 5% lactic acid creams in the morning because that is also aggravating the areas. Will see how it goes.
I also suspect she is allergic to strawberries, poor thing she loves them, because she broke out in eczema soon after eating them yesterday.
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/18/10 06:04 AM

That's great you had some full nights sleep. How old is your daughter using the lactic acid cream? The derm as said when she is older she will try that, just wondering when "older" is.
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Re: Scratching and itching at night - 11/19/10 10:43 PM

Our 2.5 year old started using it just after she turned 1 i think. We use it sparingly, but our derm said it was ok, though I have read on some threads here that it is not recommended under 2. But we stop it every now and again because it irritates her skin when her allergies break out.
I have been looking into creating a facebook grouo for Aus but not sure how to proceed to get members, I cxan create a group, but not sure what to do next.