Itchy Baby Can't Sleep

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Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 10/31/10 03:16 AM

My 10 month old baby can't sleep for more than 2 hours because of the itching. After 10 months I'm totally exhausted and about to crack because of the stress of sleep deprivation. I've tried so many creams/lotions. Drs aren't much help. I'd love to hear from some experienced moms and dads. What helps your itchy children sleep? Did you experience the same problems? Mine is also allergic to peanuts and milk so that doesn't help. I keep him in sleepers but he will still scratch till he bleeds through his clothes. I have to keep socks over his hands. I've tried benadryl for the itch and to sedate him so he can sleep. The only thing that seems to help is sleeping with him and physically holding down his arms and legs so he can't scratch. But he still wakes very frequently. I have IV and assume he does too.
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 10/31/10 08:09 AM

Hi there. I can totally sympathise with you as I had exactly the same problem with my daughter who has iv. She is now 10 so be assured you will get through it. I used to have to swaddle her until she got big enough to get out of it and then I done exactly the same as you do now...

I am in the uk so if your not then I suppose the medication would be different. She used to bathe daily in a bath oil called balneum plus. It is an oil that contains an anti puritic which acts as a slight anasthetic. Used just before bedtime may help.

Also check the age range on piriton...dont know if he would be old enough to use it.

Good luck and stay in touch. Even if you just wanna chat.

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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 10/31/10 04:40 PM

What kinds of methods are you using for bathing? Are you exfoliating in the bath? Most of the itch comes from one of two things: either the skin is too dry and uncomfortable, or skin bacteria has gone wild in eating the flakes and their acidic waste is aggravating the skin.

For both: get rid of the extra skin. Generally, a long, soaking bath with lots of scrubbing on the built up areas, a good soap (we like Safeguard), and maybe a capful of bleach in the tub to kill the bacteria down to a normal level.

For dryness - apply the creams before the skin dries out, like right after the bath. At bedtime, try some aquaphor on the places that get scratched.

Have you found any particular cream that works? We like Cetaphil for a general, low-sting cream, but a lot of the members here with IV and LI use lactic acid creams or urea creams to help loosen the scale. We also like the St Ives Apricot Scrub in the shower to help remove skin buildup.

Also, invest in a pair of cuticle nippers. Baby nail cutters are useless. The cuticle nippers can trim the nails right down to the pink and keep them too short for damaging scratching. At 10 months, the socks will be coming off really soon if he hasn't figured it out already.
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 10/31/10 08:53 PM

Adorax!! Not sure if that's the correct spelling or not but its close enough, without that we would not get any sleep! She gets it just before bed and she sleeps wonderfully! She didn't sleep through the night until she was 11mo old and I always thought it was because she was hungry, and perhaps she was, but it was also because she was itching. Once we started using this is helped SO much! She can still be restless at first but once she gets into that deep sleep she will sleep 12 hours!
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 11/01/10 12:04 AM

Atarax worked very well for Casey and you can start at a really low dose and titrate up (it's prescription). Also, dermasmooth oil (also prescription) helps but is short term - check with your derm.
This is of course, in addition to above suggestions. But Atarax was a life saver! We didn't find Benadryl helped a lot frown
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 11/01/10 01:46 AM

Yep, atarax! Brandyn didn't sleep through until he was 14 months and would wake up screaming and bleeding from scratching his ears frown I will tell you though that it has gotten SO much better now that he is older and we haven't used atarax in months!! I put quite a bit of aquaphor on his ears before bed. Another thing to consider is build up in the ears. The more skin in his ears the more he scratches at them. We are controlling it well now with mineral oil (a couple drops in each ear every other day) and seeing an ENT every 1-2 months.

All the best.. It's awful knowing they are uncomfortable and sleep deprivation is miserable too.
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 11/01/10 02:07 AM

Thank you so much for all of your comments. I'm going to look into the atarax at our next appointment or may even call to get one sooner as this is very difficult. I've just made a few changes suggested on the site and hoping that will help. Got him a few new lotions to try. Tried the sarna but that seemed to make him very cold and uncomfortable... the Eucerin calming seems to be helping a lot. My daughter (IV also) likes it too. Benedryl does nothing to help him sleep or stop the itching.
I got him new PJs made of coolmax material and they seem to be helping (just wish they made them in footed pjs) I'm putting them under his regular pjs. Also made him silk sheets for the bed so the sheets don't scratch him.
I've given up on getting him to sleep in a crib. My back was killing me from trying to pat his back till he went to sleep 10 times a night. Right now he is on a mattress on the floor so that I can lay with him till he goes to sleep and it doesn't matter if he rolls off b/c he's only a few inches off the ground.
I really don't exfoliate him (or myself) much. I have mild IV. I often shave off the scales with razor but obviously can't do that with him. I'm going to try some of the suggestions for exfoliating since I think that may help his itching. With the weather change we are all itching right now.
Thanks so much for the comments. It helps to hear what works for others and just to know I'm not alone.
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 11/04/10 07:51 PM

Also, do you have a humidifier running where he sleeps? We had a whole house humidifier put in when Kallie was born and it makes a huge difference!
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 11/05/10 07:40 PM

Ditto on the humidifier. We have a large multiroom one in the living room and a smaller one in her bedroom.
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Re: Itchy Baby Can't Sleep - 11/05/10 10:49 PM

Humidifier didn't really help Casey a whole lot and we also have central air and humidity control. Glad it works for others, though!