Exfoliating dead/dry skin

Posted by: Lauren

Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 07/24/10 03:45 AM

Hi this is Ji from Northbrook,ILL. I have been using this brand called AHAVA dead sea bath salt. The salt is so fine and soft compared to other brands. The salt is from the Dead Sea and its grain is so tiny. The contents is natural it only consists of 100% pure Dead Sea salt. I have been using this for the past two weeks and it is so amazing. I learned of this through one of my moms friend who resides in Korea. First of all, I soak my daughter in plain water anywhere from 45 min to 1 hour. Then another key is to us Irish Spring soap. I have not tried other soap brands. The friend in Korea specifically mentioned to use Irish Spring soap. When it is time to exfoliate use the soap and lather up a good amount for a targeted area. for ex. I later up the ankle area then I grab a pinch or two and spread the salt on the area. I gently rub using my hands/fingers onto the area and the dead/dry skin just comes off. It simply rubs off, you should be able to tell how much pressure to apply. I start gently and apply more pressure as I exfoliate the area. from my experience I use the Dead Sea salt and Irish Spring soap combo every other day. In the past I have tried everything there was for my daughter. But this combo by far has shown the greatest results. Her skin has drastically gotten softer and all the hard built up skin has been removed. Her skin tone has cleared up and even looks brighter and healthier.
There is a website for this product it is www.ahavaUS.com I was also able to purchase this product from Marshalls and TJ Max. A 32ounce costs around 10 dollars. The website sells it for $22. I just wanted to share what i have been doing with the rest of the forum. I hope you try this out cause my daughters skin has never look so great.
Posted by: MomofPrincesses

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 07/26/10 01:45 AM

Thank you! We spent a week at the beach and had a saltwater pool and it made a huge difference in Kallie's skin and I need to try something like this!
Posted by: kekonen

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 07/30/10 02:43 AM

Thanks for sharing this! Annalie's skin has been really bad lately so I might see if I can find some!
Posted by: sarahjane

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 10/31/10 08:23 AM

Thank you. I never thought of using any kind of salt as I thought it would dry her skin out rather than help it. I am in the uk so any websites that I can get these soaps from would be great.

things are so dated over here....they really need to wake up and smell the coffee!!...lol
Posted by: ChristinaG

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 10/31/10 01:05 PM

My daughters friend visits Israel every year, and a few years ago she brought me back a bunch of balls of salt from the dead sea. I put them in my sons bath and there was definitely a difference in his skin!
Posted by: momdoc284

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 11/02/10 12:45 AM

Salt makes my skin scream in pain.
Posted by: sarahjane

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 11/02/10 01:20 PM

i have tried to get my daughter to go into the sea water when we go to the beach as i have heard that can help. NOOOO chance of that happening as she screams in pain as soon as she goes in it.

i have to agree with you momdoc that i think it may also make my daughter scream!!!!....and we dont want that..lol....xx

Posted by: Rustina

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 11/04/10 03:21 AM

I pour about a cup of table salt in my daughter's bath every day and it has made a huge difference. She plays in the water for about 45 minutes and then I wash her like normal. Of course we use lac lotion afterwards, but as for bath time I do not have to scrub her skin at all. The salt makes the dead skin wipe away. Maybe using a smaller amt to start off with can help v/s rubbing salt on her skin.
Posted by: MomofPrincesses

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 11/04/10 07:55 PM

Wow I am sorry the salt hurts, the ocean is one of my most favorite places on the planet!

I was told a by a doctor friend not to mix shampoos and salt b/c it can make it irritating so when I do salt baths we drain all the water and then wash with soap and shampoo!
Posted by: Esther Petersen

Re: Exfoliating dead/dry skin - 03/28/19 05:44 PM

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