Caloric intake

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Caloric intake - 12/17/09 02:34 PM

Just wondering if anyone has advice about this...

Annalie hasn't been gaining much weight. She's breastfed and still eating every 2-3 hours at 5 months old. She had been sleeping through the night, but for the past few weeks she's been waking up 1-2 times to eat. I was wondering if maybe she's not getting enough calories. I'm not sure where I read this, but I think I remember reading that people with Ichthyosis burn more calories per day. Do you think that maybe she's not gaining much because she's burning through most of the calories she gets per day?

I was planning on waiting until 6 months to introduce solids, but I'm thinking about calling the ped or derm to see what they think about starting her now. I might buy some rice cereal to see if she's even ready.

Anyone go through this? Any advice?
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Re: Caloric intake - 12/17/09 04:29 PM

You may want to get the caretaker's manual from FIRST. I have it packed up from a move, but it seems like it talked about adding rice cereal & keeping it up as long as they would eat it.

How much did she weigh when she was born & how much does she weigh now? Does she seem happy? Is she developing normally? Is your pediatrician worried?

My son eats like crazy when his skin is bad.... we are talking 3-5,000 calories a day, but when his skin is good he eats normally.

edit: we worried about weight gain a whole lot early on, but now we just accept our son will be little and need to eat more sometimes. There are things you can do when they get bigger... like adding carnation instant breakfast in their milk.
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Re: Caloric intake - 12/17/09 08:12 PM

Thanks for your advice. I'll look into getting the caretaker's manual from FIRST.

She weighed 8 lb 5 oz at birth, and at 5 months she weighs 14 lbs. She is a very happy baby, seems to be developing normally, and the pediatrician hasn't been worried. She is at the lower end of the growth chart, and compared to my 3 year old, she has gained at a much slower rate. (I know siblings can be quite different, though!) One reason why I think she might not be getting enough aside from her waking up during the night now is that she often screams after a feeding as if she's still hungry. I let her nurse as long as she wants, but sometimes she's still not satisfied. We supplement with formula as needed, but she will only drink 0.5 oz or so after being breastfed.
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Re: Caloric intake - 12/18/09 02:27 AM

My daughter has the same problem. She just turned one and weighed 16.5 lbs at her 1 year appointment. The docs didn't seem concerned because she was still growing and doesn't look emaciated! I give her a lot of food during the day and she still nurses 2-3 times a night. I feel bad when she doesn't because I want her to get the most she can. I give her mainly juice and other high calorie snacks. I think as long as your baby is nursing well you shouldn't be too concerned. Just keep your calorie intake pretty high!

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Re: Caloric intake - 12/18/09 03:00 PM

All 3 of my boys are small. At 1 year, they were all 18-19 pounds, about 5th percentile on the growth chart.

My 15mo is still 19 pounds. He dropped off the growth curve between 9 and 12 months.
My 4yo is about 32 pounds - he looks like he's barely 3.
My 7yo is about 48 pounds - caught up in height around 4-5, but still underweight.
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Re: Caloric intake - 12/18/09 04:11 PM

When David was born he spent 12 days in the NICU for a few reasons. One of which was his weight loss. The doctors and nurses were concerned because he was burning more calories than average in order to heal his skin. They had me fortify his formula and breastmilk (I pumped and supplemented). So he was getting 24 calories per ounce instead of 22 that most formulas provided. The nutritionist in the hospital figured out all of the ratios. We continued to do this until he was maybe 6 months. In the beginning we took him regularly to the doctors office for weight checks.

David is now 2 1/2 years and weighs about 28 pounds. I am not sure where that falls on the charts but there have been no concerns. He does look tiny to the eye but healthy all around. He eats very healthy just not a lot and at this age it is most always on his terms! crazy

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Re: Caloric intake - 12/18/09 08:21 PM

We saw a pediatric derm on Monday and she did say that this was one of the things that our pedi needed to be mindful of b/c they do burn more calories. For Kallie its not an issue at 6.5mo, she is huge, but it could be starting to show with your little one. We started solids at 4mo and she also nurses every 3-4 hours. So maybe try adding in some oatmeal made with expressed breast milk and some fruit and see if that helps.

Also, this could be completely unrelated to the ick, Kallie went through a period where she seemed to want to nurse a lot more and didn't seem to be getting enough, I just kept nursing her and increased it a bit and then it went back to normal! Hang in there!
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Re: Caloric intake - 12/18/09 09:23 PM

Yes, my unaffected child would go through periods of more frequent nursing to increase supply. If you add formula at the end to fill your baby up then your body doesn't know to make more by the extra suckling (neither of my children would take a bottle though, so it was a temptation I never was able to give in to!) It is totally normal for babies to do this. It also may make it easier to wean to formula if that is something you are wanting to do.
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Re: Caloric intake - 12/23/09 05:56 PM

My son lost all his baby fat from dehyrdration at birth going undiagnosed with Ichthy. And I always just thought that would be it. He was always skin and bones, and we laugh because he had to seat in the car seats until he exceeded the age limit, vs the weight limit.

He also eats like nothing else. He is 11 years old, barely 90 lbs and can eat about 3,000 calories a day. And that's because we make him stop eating.

Learn to listen to your baby's body. If the milk isn't enough for her, add the rice to help satisfy. Our bodies are really smart, and if we're not getting enough, they let us know.

Good luck,
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Re: Caloric intake - 12/24/09 12:18 PM

We are fortunate that Brandyn is a real chubba but he eats A LOT! He was breastfed until 14 months and I now have him on a toddler formula for extra nutrients. I introduced solids at 6 months but he refused until almost 8 months *shock*. Our derm. kept telling us that he needed lots of calories so I was scared he wasn't getting enough. We certainly had a few months of panic and saw a dietician. When Brandyn was born he was in the 50th% for weight but after a 4 weeks NICU stay, he was down to the 10th%. he stayed that way for a few months, perhaps due to ich but he now sits in the 80th%. they are all different ehh.. But I do think that people with ich need extra calories. He is a hungry hungry little guy and somedays he eats all day!!

I thought about switching to formula when brandyn's weight gain wasn't so good but he just took off at about 5 months so I didn't need to but if that's what your baby needs go for it! Or perhaps introduce solids. If you want to continue breastfeeding though make sure you express to keep your supply up when comp feeding. All the best smile