Giovannis surgery!!

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Giovannis surgery!! - 11/04/09 01:48 AM

Unfortunatly the time has come for Gio's surgery. He goes tomm to get it done. I am very nervous about it because of the anestsia and the fact that he will have stitches. I did go for a pre -opp appointment and the found out he has Phimosis. I guess the foreskin is so tight at the tip . It has now become medically necessary because of it. The Dr. is afraid the moisture is sitting inside and not streaming completely out. This can cause severe infection. I am so nervous but i know it is for the better. The dr has never heard of this disorder so he is worried about the healing process. Anyone know????
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Re: Giovannis surgery!! - 11/04/09 01:02 PM

How old is Gio? Phimosis is completely normal & possible up until puberty. The skin and moisture can still get out even though the foreskin is not retractable. The foreskin gradually loosens up. I know none of my son's physicians are concerned that at 4 years old his can't be retracted much at all. How old is this doctor? Does he feel like circumcision is best for everyone? Have you had trouble with repeated infections in that area? Do you want Gio to be circumcised? If you do, that is one thing, but if you don't I would get a second opinion and do some independent research. A man on the board emailed me about an experiment he did with pulling back his foreskin for a day. The exposed skin dried and became very uncomfortable. There are men on the board who have been happy with their circumcisions they had done as infants. FIRST can provide your physician with information on what to do during surgery to avoid tape for the breathing tube. I have also heard that stitches will need to come out early b/c of how fast the skin grows. Is he having another procedure done at the same time? You may want to see if your ENT also wants to remove scale buildup at the same time as the other procedures. Good luck with everything!

ETA: I just did a search and it looks like you wanted to get it done. Good luck tomorrow!
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Re: Giovannis surgery!! - 11/04/09 05:33 PM

What surgery is he getting done. Circumcision? My son was circumcised at 4 weeks, had a Hypospadias repair done when he was 9 months old. He has x-linked and kallmans syndrome. He did fine with the sedation and the stitches. He also had undescended testicle repaired at 3 years and again had no problem with either sedation or stitches. If you and your Dr. feel that it is a necessary surgery then I wouldn't be too concerned. Kids are pretty resislant.