new pics

Posted by: ericalopez

new pics - 11/01/09 08:44 PM

Its been a while since I've been on. Just wanted to post some new pics of my Lauren. She will be 2 next month. When she was first born I never thought she would do normal things, I thought she'd be very limited. She proves me wrong everyday...
Posted by: Ivy's Mummy

Re: new pics - 11/02/09 06:34 PM

What an adorable little girl!! Love the photos, thanks for sharing.
Posted by: CShell

Re: new pics - 11/03/09 01:12 AM

Cutie PIE! I love her adorable Halloween shirt in the 3rd one.
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: new pics - 11/03/09 06:37 PM

What an adorable little Dorothy!
Posted by: BritMum

Re: new pics - 11/08/09 09:53 PM

Gorgeous pics! x
Posted by: MomofPrincesses

Re: new pics - 11/09/09 12:01 AM

She is too cute!
Posted by: brandynsmum

Re: new pics - 11/22/09 09:04 AM

Aww she's gorgeous!!
Posted by: October

Re: new pics - 12/10/09 11:25 PM

So beautiful!! I love the kiddie pictures!!