Toddler with acne & X-linked

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Toddler with acne & X-linked - 10/28/09 01:43 AM

Hi Everyone,

My 3-year-old son with X-linked appears to have acne on his face. It is nothing major -- It comes and goes on its own, usually gone within a day or two, and is usually no more than 1 or 2 pimples at a time. I have been researching extensively on other conditions it could be, and I really do not believe it is anything more than acne.

Is this common in toddlers with ichthyosis? I'm wondering if there is something we are not doing to properly care for the skin on his face -- Like maybe because we don't lotion his face anymore, his sebaceous glands are trying to compensate for dryness?? Putting lotion on acne seems counterproductive... Any advice??
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Re: Toddler with acne & X-linked - 10/31/09 05:28 AM

Are you sure it is Acne and not something else? Next time you see these pimples pop up maybe you should try and get a same day appointment with your dermatologist. I am not sure how x-linked works because I have lamellar and I had never had acne but when I thought I might be getting acne I was amazed cause I am also on Accutane so I went to my dermatologist and it ended up being MRSA outbreaks.
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Re: Toddler with acne & X-linked - 10/31/09 03:53 PM

Thank you for the feedback, Leslie. No, I am not positive about anything and haven't taken him to the doctor for it, but I did not think it could be MRSA since it goes away without any special treatment. The pimples do not pop, they do look like whiteheads and some are bigger than others. He scratched a little bit at the last big one he had a few days ago and said it hurt, but it is gone now and all you can see is a little red dot where it was. Today he has none on his face, but his face is a little dry. He does not have these anywhere else on his body.

Do you know if it is possible for MRSA to come and go like that without any treatment? It seems like a lot of people have posted on MRSA in the past here on the boards. Now I am getting a little scared!!
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Re: Toddler with acne & X-linked - 10/31/09 11:03 PM

Well mine came and went and they were painful. And they never popped. I didn't know what was on my face until I brought up with my derm after I had a couple of outbreaks. We knew that I had MRSA because I had a huge outbreak on my foot and had to have it drained. So I think that if you can talk to your derm let them know that this is happening and then ask if when it happens you can drop by for them to take a look. My derm is pretty good about trying to squeeze me n or like i said you could try and make appointments when they pop up. If I can be of any further help please let me know.

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Re: Toddler with acne & X-linked - 11/08/09 10:02 PM

Our little girl who has probable nbCIE gets something simialr to what you are describing, except they tend to appear on her stomach. The general consensus from the derms and the nurse specialists are that these pimples are related to heat issues - kind of like prickly heat pimples. They don't bother her in the slightest. Over time we've tried to figure out in our own minds if this is a heat thing as we were never been convinced and all I can say is we've concluded it's possible. The latest "outbreak" occurred recently so this threw us more than ever as it's cold here!!! However, we think it's likely the result of a virus that caused her temp to rise hence making her a little feverish but unable to sweat hence the pimples!
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Re: Toddler with acne & X-linked - 11/09/09 03:00 AM

Thank you for the reply! That makes sense for my son -- It is common for him to wake up with them; he gets really hot when sleeping sometimes. At times I've thought it could be the detergent on his sheets or that he's allergic to something in his pillow, although he's been in his new bed for months now. I've also been noticing his face gets more red and blotchy after his bath. I've tried switching to Cetaphil soap on his face, but his face is sensitive to even that. I'm wondering now if it's a touch of eczema, but I haven't come across anything that says pimples are a symptom of that. It almost looks like there are tiny bumps under his skin, if that makes sense. The virus theory is interesting too -- He had H1N1 a few weeks ago and had a flareup then with his fever too. Thanks again for the feedback; it is reassuring and much appreciated!!