Dermal Therapy

Posted by: cschaap

Dermal Therapy - 09/24/09 09:13 PM

Has anyone used Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy High Potency Moisturizer? Would it be too strong for a 4 month old?

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Re: Dermal Therapy - 09/25/09 11:57 AM

Hi, I haven't used the lotion myself but I do know someone who has and could ask them to get in touch with you if you like?

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Re: Dermal Therapy - 09/25/09 06:13 PM

That would be great, thanks. My e'mail is
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Re: Dermal Therapy - 09/25/09 08:06 PM

Candace -- Let me know what you find out!
Posted by: Laurensmom

Re: Dermal Therapy - 09/28/09 08:14 PM

We have tried it a couple of times. Once when Lauren (HI) was a baby and more recently (she is now 5 years old) and both times it was too harsh. She told us this last try that it burned. Our derm thought the likely culprit was the Alpha Hydroxy instead of the Urea. We do compound our aquaphor with Urea.

Posted by: Leandra

Re: Dermal Therapy - 10/05/09 03:39 AM

We have used it since shortly after Natalie was diagnosed (probably nb-CIE), and it has helped greatly. The only times it has ever bothered her was when it was inadvertently applied to an irritated area (too much scratching or open wound). We have consistently used the 10% and what is now the Heel Care Cream (we use it all over her body...20% urea) for 4 years. We have more recently been using the new 30% with excellent results when we need a good peel from a period of build-up. Would not recommend using the 30% on a baby or anyone who doesn't have at least moderate build-up. It burned our 4-year-old the one time I used it two days in a row because she had already received a good peel the first time. Hope this helps!

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Re: Dermal Therapy - 10/12/09 04:20 AM

Thanks for your reviews. Now I think to try this too.